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Article Galaxy from Reprints Desk

Learn how to setup Article Galaxy from Reprints Desk in the OCLC Service Configuration and find information about how to purchase documents from the Reprints Desk in Tipasa.

Libraries using Article Galaxy from Reprints Desk can integrate this feature with Tipasa.  Using Reprints Desk in Tipasa allows you to:

  • Compare the cost of buying an article from the Reprints Desk service to other vendors.
  • Purchase the article directly from Reprints Desk Article Galaxy while on the Tipasa request screen.
  • Have Reprints Desk deliver the purchased article via Article Exchange.
  • Auto-receive all articles delivered by Reprints Desk using Article Exchange to then be directly forwarded to the patron without need for staff intervention.

OCLC Service Configuration setup

If you have an existing Reprints Desk account, contact Reprints Desk to sign up to use the new Tipasa  and Article Galaxy service. They will supply you with new credentials specifically for use with this service.  

Once you have the new account set up with Reprints Desk, follow the instructions below to configure the Reprints Desk option in Tipasa.

  1. Navigate to the OCLC Service Configuration.
  2. Select WorldShare ILL > Purchase Options
  3. Under Article Galaxy, enter the information in the following fields:
    Field Description
    Account ID Enter the account ID supplied by Reprints Desk.
    Password Enter the password for the account.
    Notification Email Address Enter an email address that is used by Reprints Desk to send transaction status updates to the requesting library.
    Automatically receive purchase request fulfilled with Article Exchange Select On if you would like all Reprints Desk articles to be automatically received in Tipasa and be forwarded to the patron through Article Exchange and without staff intervention.
  4. Click Save.

Purchase documents from the Reprints Desk

If the Reprints Desk Purchase Option has been configured in the OCLC Service Configuration, then the Tipasa ILL request form will include Article Galaxy options in the Purchase tab and Purchase Options section of the requests. 

The Article Galaxy price will appear if the requested article is available for purchase from Reprints Desk.  The price shown will be the actual price charged by Reprints Desk for this article.

Screenshot of a request form in Tipasa with the Article Galaxy price called out

To purchase the document from Reprints Desk:

  1. On the left navigation, click Borrowing Requests.
  2. Open a request category—New for ReviewNot Reviewed, or Reviewed—by clicking on the link. The Borrowing Request list opens.
  3. Open a request for an article by clicking on the ID number or the article Title. The request details expand.
  4. Scroll down and click on the Copyright accordion. Select Other and choose CCL: Conforms to U.S. Copyright Law or None as your copyright compliance, based on your library's preference.
  5. Click on the Purchase tab to view a Request Summary and Patron Summary as well as Purchase Options.  Information is available here about the availability and pricing of the item through Article Galaxy.
  6. Under the Purchase Options section, click the Article Galaxy link if the item is available.
  7. A Purchase Order Summary dialog box appears containing the vendor name and previewed price.
    Screenshot of the Purchase Order Summary dialog box in Tipasa
  8. Confirm the pre-configured Notification Email Address.
  9. Optional.  Enter a Purchase Note.
  10. Click OK to send a purchase request message to the Reprints Desk.
  11. The purchase request will move to the Purchasing Requests > On Order queue.

 Note: If the purchase is unsuccessful, the status message will include an error message and the request will not be updated.

The status of the purchase request will appear in the Supplier History section of the request details.

Review On Order requests

Reprints Desk purchase Orders display the following information:

  • Fulfillment Type
  • Ordered Date
  • Vendor Name
  • Order Number
  • Price
  • Purchase Notes

Item delivered from Reprints Desk to Article Exchange

Once the article is delivered via Article Exchange, the purchase request will move to the Purchasing Requests  > Delivered queue.  Staff can then preview the article and select Mark as Received.  The article is then visible in the patron's My Account.  

If you have selected the option to Automatically receive purchase request fulfilled with Article Exchange in the OCLC Service Configuration, the request will automatically be updated to Received, the status updated to Closed, and the patron will be able to view the article in My Account.  

The Request History will show when the article was delivered and whether or not it was automatically received.  

Screenshot of the Request History screen in Tipasa