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Custom notifications

Use this screen to create custom email notifications.

Tipasa libraries can create up to 50 custom email notifications.  Custom notifications are used to communicate with patrons, departments within their library or other libraries.  

For example, the library might create custom notifications for patrons, to explain why a request has been canceled or to alert them of fines on their account, to suggest that Acquisitions purchase an item requested on ILL, or to notify other libraries about the status of specific requests.


To create a custom email notification:

After a custom email notification has been added, you will need to sign in to the Tipasa staff interface again for the new notification to appear.  

  1. In Service Configuration, navigate to WorldShare ILL > Notifications.
  2. Open the Custom accordion and click Create New Custom Notification.
  3. In the Create New Template window, type a Template Name. 
  4. (Optional). Add a description of the template in the Template Description text box.
  5. Select a Recipient type. This will indicate to the system from which queues the notification will be available to select:
  • ANY: Send to patrons, borrowing libraries and lending libraries
  • PATRON: Send to patrons
  • REQUESTER: Send to borrowing libraries
  • SUPPLIER: Send to lending libraries
  • BRANCH: Send to branch locations
  1. Click Create.
  2. The new template will now display below the Custom category.
  3. Check the Manual sending in WorldShare box so that the notification will be available to select in Tipasa.
  4. Click Edit and provide the information for the following fields:
  • From Name: The sender of the email notification.  You should enter your library's name, department, or service name (e.g. Bobcat Document Delivery) in this field.  You do not have to use the same From Name on each notification.  For Example, you can use a different from name on your interlibrary loan request notifications than your Document Delivery notifications.
  • Reply to Email: The email address patrons can reply to if they have any questions about their request or need more information.  The OCLC-supplied email in the templates ( is not a monitored email.  If you leave the default OCLC email in the Reply To Email field, patrons that reply to that email will not receive a response.  If you want patrons to be able to email your library and receive responses, you should enter a monitored email for your library.
  • Message Subject: The subject of the email notification.
  • Message Body: The body of the email notification.

Data inserts can be used to customize the message.              

                          Note:   SMS messaging is not available for custom notifications.  Leave the default message in the SMS box.

  1. Click Save All Changes.  The custom notification is available to send as a manual notification.
  2. (Optional) Preview your edits.
  3. Use the Edit Settings button to change the template name, description and recipient type.  To delete a custom notification click the Delete button.


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