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Lender Data

Use this screen to configure Lender constant data.

Use this screen to configure Lender constant data. Constant data is stored information that your staff can use to ensure consistency when they initiate or respond to requests. Constant data automatically transfers repetitive data to workforms and requests. A default constant data record is created for any institution that does not have one.

Use automation to apply constant data in lending requests. For more information, refer to Automated Request Manager.

 Note: If you would like your default constant data record to be automatically applied to each request, turn on the Persistence Setting. When the Persistence Setting is turned On in the OCLC Service Configuration > WorldShare ILL > Interlibrary Loan Options module, the DEFAULT constant data record overrides other Constant Data applications including through automation. If using automations to apply constant data, turn off the Persistence Setting. See Interlibrary Loan Options for more information.   

Constant data records for Lenders

Constant data records can also be created to fit any routine lending situation. Examples of situations where constant data records can be useful for lenders are listed in the table below.



You regularly loan photocopies as well as material that must be returned.

Create one constant data record for loans and one for copies.

You handle all ILL transactions at your main library, but want borrowers to return materials directly to branches when appropriate.

Create constant data records reflecting a different Return To address for each branch.

You have established policies for the amount you charge for each type of ILL material.

Create a single constant data record for each type of material reflecting the appropriate Lending Charges.

You lend to members of your consortium free of charge, but charge other borrowers a fee.

Create one constant data record for a freeloan and one for a payloan.

You have established policies for the method of payment for loans and copies.

Create constant data records for various ILL Fee Management charges and separate records for invoiced charges, for example, 10IFM or 10INV.

Configure Lender Constant Data

To add a constant data record:

  1. Click Create New CD record.
  2. Fill in the fields. See Lending Library Information fields below for details.
  3. Click Save as New.

To copy a constant data record:

  1. From the Constant Data Record list, select the constant data record you want to copy.
  2. Edit the Constant Data Record Name.
  3. Make any additional edits to the record, if needed.
  4. Click Save as New.

To edit a constant data record:

  1. From the Constant Data Record list, select the constant data record you want to edit.
  2. Edit the record.
  3. Click Save.

To delete a constant data record:

  1. From the Constant Data Record list, select the constant data record you want to delete.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click Delete Record.
  3. On the confirmation window, click OK

Lending Library Information fields

Note: Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Field Description
Constant Data Record Name The name of this record (20-character limit, with no special characters).
Description A brief description of this record.
Due Date
  • The date on which the Borrower should return the item, not the date on which the item should arrive at your library.
  • When editing a request, type the specific date or specify a time span of 1-999 days from today's date using the format +DDD.


Shipped Date

The date on which the item leaves your library (past or current). Type -DD for the system to calculate a date that is 1-99 calendar days before today's date. 


Add ILL Management Fee (IFM)

Select the Add ILL Management Fee (IFM) check box to turn IFM on.

 Note: Only select Add ILL Fee Management (IFM) if the Lending Charges are greater than 0.00.

For more information on IFM, see Interlibrary Loan Fee Management.

Lending Charges
  • All costs: handling, photocopying, postage, etc. Numeric data only. Type 0.00 if there are no charges.
  • To accept a Borrower's IFM offer, enter a numeric value, and check the IFM check box.
  • If your library uses a different currency from USD, OCLC recommends creating two sets of constant data records, one with the Lending Charges in your local currency and one with the Lending Charges in USD. When you have the two sets of constant data records set up, when creating or responding to requests, you can select the respective record based on the currency you want to use. Refer to Configure IFM for more information.


Insurance Amount The amount of insurance, if applicable.
Lending Notes
  • Required only for Conditional responses. Type additional information or a Conditional query.
  • Optional for non-Conditional responses. Use for notes about method of payment, invoicing, no-renewal responses, etc.
Lending Restrictions

Restrictions that apply to loans.

Library use only.

Return to

Complete return mailing address.

  • If you include a Due Date, you must supply a return address.
Return Via A preferred method for returning loaned materials. This field provides tracing information if the item is lost in transit.

Watch a video 

Create constant data for ILL

Run time: 8:37

This video shows how to create, edit and maintain constant data records in OCLC Service Configuration for accuracy and efficiency in ILL borrowing and lending.