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Relais 2019.x Overview

Find an overview of Relais version 2019.x.

In addition to the bug fix and update listed below two new features are added with Relais 2019.1 as follows:

D2D-ILLiad-D2D ILLiad Monitor Service

D2D sites using ILLiad as their ILL solution can now benefit from better integration between D2D and ILLiad.  The following scenarios are addressed:

Requests originating in D2D 

When a request submitted in D2D cannot be filled by an of the D2D locations in the routing list (List Exhausted) and the borrowing library utilizes ILLiad as their ILL management solution, the request can be automatically transferred to ILLiad.  After the request is successfully added to ILLiad it will be marked as Complete within the D2D system and with a status of "Transferred to ILLiad".  Before the request is added in ILLiad the D2D system will check to ensure the associated patron exists within ILLiad and if not will create a new user record in ILLiad before submitting the request. 

Requests originating in ILLiad

ILLiad, when configured to utilize the Relais RequestItem web service, can pass requests to an associated D2D system.  The ILLiad transaction will be parsed with a request source of "ILLiad".  When the request is processed as a fill or final cancellation within D2D the D2D environment will update ILLiad as filled or unfilled automatically.  

Please note customers wishing to incorporate this development item must be running ILLiad version 9.0 and the latest APIs.  Please contact your support representative via Support Center + if you wish to have this option configured within your D2D environment.

Search Auto

For D2D customers the Search Auto application can now be configured to validate the routing list associated with a consortia request before it is routed to the "non-first lender" in the routing list.  This validation, which will redo the Requestability check, will ensure that the next, and subsequent suppliers in the request routing list are still able to service the request following a non-fill by the first supplier.  Please contact your support representative via Support Center + if you wish to have this option configured within your D2D environment.

Server based bug fixes and updates

For customers using the Relais Hosted Service you please note the host application server environment has been updated to include the new 2019.1 applications.  Although all applications, both server side and customer side, have been recompiled to display the 2019.1 version on application splash screens the development items in this release affect only server side applications and thus there is no need to customers to update their client side applications with this build at the present time.