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Relais 2016.x Overview

Find an overview of Relais version 2016.x.

Relais 2016.5.0 (for release January 22, 2019)

In addition to the bug fix and update listed below two new features are added with Relais 2016.5

  • Email Request:  Ability to send a notification to staff if there are 0 requests in the print queue.
  • Email Request:  Ability to email the URL link to rePORTAL to generate the bookbands versus attaching the bookbands as a pdf.

Server based bug fixes and updates 

For customers using the Relais Hosted Service you will see the following updates and fixes automatically since the Hosted service will be updated to 2016.5:


462 Purge and Archive: Ability to replace the patron_id with the value 'Scrubbed' instead of a NULL value when scrubbing patron data from completed requests.
Bug 408 Search Auto:  Addressed issue when Search Auto crashes on unregistered suppliers.

Relais 2016.4.0 (for release November 26, 2018)

In addition to the bug fixes and updates listed below, two new features are added with Relais 2016.4:

  • Purge and Archive: Scrub patron data from completed requests and purge patron records not associated with any requests  
  • Search Auto: For customers using DISCOVERY, and when configured to enable a partial routing list to be submitted, the Search Auto application can now be configured to complete the partial routing list

Server based bug fixes and updates

For customers using the Relais Hosted Service you will see the following updates and fixes automatically since the Hosted service will be updated to 2016.4

Change 28 37312 Search Auto - addressed search issue when input includes incorrectly formatted ISBN
Bug 134 38871 ILL Message Handler - ensure last service note is cleared when sending next ISO message
Change 313 38945 ILL Message Handler - remove ID_REQUEST.requester from with outgoing GSM ILL Request message
Bug 4982   ILL Message Handler - Ensure un-parsable messages are passed to the configured un-parsable email account
Change 4674   ILL Message Handler - Add note to General Messages transmitted via GSM when the request is updated as Received/Returned/Completed/Lost/Damaged/Reply to Cancel
Change 4642   ILL Message Handler - Pass GSM messages with additional spaces in support of GSM communication with VDX
Change 4627   ILL Message Handler - Enable the disabling of a "SHP" exception code from being applied with receipt of GSM or ISO "Shipped" message
Bug 4620 36356 ILL Message Handler - Remove duplicate delivery information from Request Notes when parsing GSM ILL Request messages

Client based bug fixes and updates

In order to see any or all of the following bug fixes you will need to upgrade your local Windows clients to 2016.4.  

Bug 4501/ 256 Numerous Login / Monitor Queues / Scanner / Review Alerts / Receive FTP - ensure "Expiry" message IS NOT generated when staff manually update a request as a fill (assign a document supply code, scan, or Add Document)
Bug 195 36747 Delivery Resend - ensure image file date is changed when invoked
Change 97 38753 Review Queue - added broker logic to permit AEU staff to access Notify Patron when processing a NEOS member request
Change 31 36576 ReceiveFTP - enable processing of PDF files which have encryption of secure properties
Change 22 37459 ReceiveFTP - error recovery logic added to address issues associated with lost database connectivity

Relais 2016.3.0 (released Sept 7, 2018)

In addition to the bug fixes and updates listed below two new features are added with Relais 2016.3:

  • Renewal and Recall - NCIP interoperability with Alma:  For libraries using both Relais and Alma, NCIP interoperability is now available that allows you to automate workflows.  
  • RenewalsFour patron can request a renewal from Primo, the renewal is passed over to Relais via NCIP.  In addition, when your library has loaned an item in response to a request from another library, if they ask for a renewal, an NCIP renewal message is sent to your local Alma system to check if the renewal is allowed.  
  • Recalls: If your patron recalls via Primo an item that has been loaned to another library, the recall is passed into Relais and sent to the requesting library automatically.  In addition, if a loan has been supplied by another library to your patron and the supplying library sends a recall, Relais can now send an NCIP recall message to your local Alma system and the patron is notified.  

Server based bug fixes and updates

For customers using the Relais Hosted Service you will see the following updates and fixes automatically since the Hosted service will be updated to 2016.3 .

Feature 944   Provide the option to remove patron's personal information from completed requests
Bug 4507 33145, 36317 Delivery FTP is manipulating image files being sent via Odyssey and in some cases degrading the quality of the document
Change 4594 36092 For a request sent to RapidILL which is then updated as BadCitation, Relais will send a Delete message (rather than a Cancel message) to Rapid to close off the request

Client based bug fixes and updates

In order to see any or all of the following bug fixes you will need to upgrade your local Windows clients to 2016.3.  



  When a Recall message is sent there is no record added to the request history.  
Bug 4601 36307 When using Request Processing to update a request with a supply code and the number of pages is specified, the number of pages is not added to the request
Bug 4658 36469,36465 When using a barcode reader to scan in a local number it is not possible to add more items to the loan 
Bug 4570  

In a shared system, when an ISO Shipped message is received and the the request is updated with SHP, when a document is added the SHP code is not cleared so a Received message is sent in error.  

Bug 4571  

On occasion in the Review Queue when a request is submitted the request is not moved to the correct queue

Bug 4582 33510 If using NCIP and a request for a loaned item is updated in Relais as lost, an NCIP CheckinItem is sent which updates the local library system incorrectly.  
Bug 4584 36212 When using Delivery Local to print coverpage for loans and UseCoverPage = No, a misleading audit note is added to the request and the coverpages do not print.  

Relais 2016.2.0 (released Nov. 1, 2017)

Bug 2225


RapidILL - ensure requests are not updated inappropriately when the the RapidILL service is not available
Bug 2258 28542 ILL Message Handler - duplicate audit note entries are displayed when sending requests via generic script.  
Bug 3355/4115   ILL Message Handler -  when receiving messages via generic script or ISO ILL that include attachments, no message is seen in Review Alerts and the email is not forwarded to the unparsable email inbox for staff review.  
Bug 4083 34603 Search Manual -  when editing an OCLC lender string it is not possible to add or edit the ninth entry 
Bug 4116 34276 ILL Message Handler - on occasion incoming ISO and generic script requests and messages are lost
Bug  4204   ILL Message Handler - on occasion ISO Shipped messages are not sent out
Bug 4271   Loan Tracking - when updating a request to respond to a "request for renewal" the RenewResponse message (ISO or generic script) is not sent to the supplying library
Change 2487 28629 ILL Message Handler - when WSILL sends a Cancel message it does not wait for a Cancel Reply - Yes/No, if the item is not shipped the request will be assigned a final exception code "Cancelled by Requester" and closed
Feature 2346 28824 Post-to-Web - two new tokens are available for use in the email that is sent to the user when sending a document via Post to Web, description of the reject code assigned (&RejectCodeDesc;) and the project code associated with the request (&ProjectCode;)
Feature 2456   Library Registration - allow Relais D2D customers to reset load balancing
Feature 2570 29246 Loan Tracking - Recall - when updating a request as a recall, display a due date calendar so that staff can update it if necessary
Feature 2666 29492 RapidILL - support for sending and receiving requests for book chapter requests to and from RapidILL
Feature 2985 30630 Review Alerts - add a button for 'Add Note' so that staff can add a note or comment to a request
Feature 2995   ILL Message Handler - when a message cannot be sent because of a protocol failure a record is added to the request history.  (XXXXXXX message failed: The requested action violates the protocol)
Feature 2997   Login - Supplier Registration - staff configuring suppliers for ISO communication should be presented with a warning message if that the ISO connection information is not configured
Feature 3675 32617 Search Auto - when configured to search on control number only locations found on a control number search are added to the routing list that is generated
Feature 3792   RapidILL -  when a request is received from RapidILL add the name of the requesting library and its and country code to the note in the request history.  
Feature 3796  

RapidILL - for requests that RapidILL indicates are held locally but the item requested is not available, allow the request to be sent to Rapid to be filled

Feature 3910 33070 RapidILL - when a supplying library updates a request as BadCitation the request is placed in a Relais Review Queue for staff review (no additional processing is done in Rapid).  Staff can now review and update the request as needed and if appropriate resubmit the request to RapidILL.
Feature 3922 33610 Search Auto / Search Manual – for libraries using SirsiDynix Symphony who want to use the NCIP Place Hold feature (or NCIP Request Item) the Holdings Record = SIRSI Dynix Unicorn MARC now retrieves the BibID.  This BibID can now be used when sending NCIP RequestItem to Symphony to place a local hold.
Feature 4335 35767 / 35795 Receive FTP – documents received as PDF document are no longer converted to TIF when attached to a request.
Feature 4345   Catalog Configuration - WorldCat target can be configured to search on OCLC Record ID (Use attribute = 12)

Relais 2016.0.0 (released May 31, 2017)

Relais 2016 provides support for Windows 10.

Bug 940   Table  Maintenance -> Cover Page, sort option does not work correctly
Bug 1220   Table Maintenance -> Delivery -> Pickup Locations, the ILS Code is mandatory
Bug 1257 26643 Loan Tracking - when NCIP is enabled and when updating a request to Returned, if the Check In message fails the request is not updated in Relais
Bug 1265 26711 Edit Request - when changing an Odyssey address that includes a backslash and text, e.g., "\ILL", an error displays and the address cannot be updated 
Bug 1312 26819 Search Manual -> OCLC - the max cost cannot be changed
Bug 1392 27080 Add Document - in some situations the configured starting folder is not recognized
Bug 1394 27128 Receive FTP - sometimes the bibliographic information is missing even though a request was matched
Bug 1445   Table Maintenance -> Loans,  when trying to add a new Loan Code nothing happens
Bug 2142 27968 ILL Message Handler - when sending a request the street for the billing addresses is duplicated
Bug 2166 28034 Search Auto - the Drop Unregistered supplier setting is ignored and so including suppliers in routing lists that should not be used
Bug 2178   Email Request - on occasion the summary email  is blank
Bug 2181 28282 Login -> Library / Patron Registration - when adding requests keywords are not being created, therefore these requests cannot be retrieved in Query via title or author keyword or call number
Bug 2183   Library Registration -> Contact Information - the Use NCIP Profile Yes/No radio button defaults to Yes. Therefore , if a library is not using NCIP but another field in Contact Information is updated, then the Use NCIP Profile setting gets set to Yes and Relais tries to send NCIP messages in error
Bug 2204 28412 ILL Message Handler - when sending Overdue messages the Due Date is updated in error
Bug 2224 28572 ILL Message Handler - when an Unfilled message is being sent and there is a network error, Relais updates requests that should not be updated
Bug 2225 22137 RapidILL Monitor - requests are updated incorrectly when the RapidILL service is not available for some reason
Bug 2404 28893 Search Manual and Query Request - Add Document not working when using the file transfer setting.
Bug 2495 29040 Search Auto - sometimes the following error is generated: "Error: 9 - Subscript out of range"
Bug 2673   ILL Message Handler - the OCLC password is not decrypted
Bug 2886   Login -> Supplier Registration - passwords are not encrypted
Bug 2992 30667 Delivery Email - the same "random" file name for multiple post to web documents is used
Bug 3172    Supplier Registration error when updating Request Type/Format/Method etc
Bug 3247 31168 ILL Message Handler - when adding a request and the author is greater than 200 characters, truncate the value provided to 200
Bug 3718 32496 Search Auto - routing lists not correct (in shared database). Unregistered Suppliers are added to the routing list, even when setting = Drop
Change 525   Search - modified the way holdings are retrieved and displayed from Alma
Change 2108 28088 Delivery Email - only send one confirmation email to the support address configured when the SMTP connection recovers
Change 2070   ILL Message Handler - do not accept Pickup as a delivery method add the information to the notes field
Change 2165 28211 Receive FTP - handling of dropped database connections is improved
Change 2336 28679 NCIP Merge - can now change the library the patron is registered to based on the NCIP Lookup User response.
Change 2363 28852 ILL Message Handler - for requests received via ISO ILL the delivery method and address can now be edited
Change 2890 30414 RapidILL - when adding a request from Rapid if the OCLC record number is provided the OCLC request number field in Relais 
Change 3732 32828 RapidILL - the Rapid Request number is added to the pickslip and coverpage report
Change 3753 30622 Notify text report - a new version of this report ((NotifyText.rpt and NotifyTextA4.rpt) is provided to handle 'longer' links when sending a url to the requester
Feature 732   ISO - the copyright statement included in requests from VDX is added to the Relais request as a note 
Feature 1136   Review Alerts - display renew, cancel and message messages from the Portal 
Feature 2098 28044 ILL Message Handler - allow more than one delivery method to be included in the outgoing request
Feature 2344   ILL Message Handler - when a staff member updates an ISO request manually with a reject code send an Expiry message to the current supplier, this ensure messages do not get out of sync
Feature 2347   ILL Message Handler - when an ISO message is received from the supplying library the request is now matched in the database on the ISO transaction qualifier not just the request number
Feature 2573   NCIP Place Hold - supported for SirsiDynix Symphony. This allows libraries to use local call slips instead of Relais pickslips or bookbands.
Feature 2822   Load Request - option to create a library record in Relais the first time a request is received from a non-registered library
Feature 2865  

When sending requests to OCLC up to 15 symbols can be included in the lender string

Feature 3032/3 30797 Search Auto & Search Manual - support for publication data stored in MARC 264 tags
Feature 3113 30938 Delivery FTP - when the Put is not closed successfully close the PUT when sending via Odyssey, after x minutes close the connection
Feature 3275 31352

Search - a new Holding Records for Millennium is added.

Feature 3541   Loan Notices - in a shared system each library can configure their own Sender and Reply to address for notices sent via email.  
Feature 3809   Search - a new Holdings Record for TePuna is added.