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Deep linking

Learn how to enable deep linking to direct users to material in their local catalog.

When Check Availability determines an item is available locally, deep linking can be used to direct the patron to the record in the local catalog.

To enable deep linking, contact support and supply a sample URL to a permanent link to your catalog.  Relais D2D creates the deep link by replacing a variable in the URL with a specific value, such as the id for the bibliographic record.  The variable is enclosed with ${} ex: ${md-id}.  Any element that is available in the ACE search can be used as the variable.  If a substitution variable starts with a percent (%) sign, for example, %{md-title}, then the percent (%) sign is encoded with the URL percent encoding scheme. This allows values such as titles that include special characters to be coded and therefore used in the query correctly.

For example:  

  • ${md-id}
  • ${md-isbn}
  • %{md-title}
  • %{md-author}