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Relais D2D and ILLiad integration

Find information about Relais D2D and ILLiad integration.

D2D sites using ILLiad as their ILL solution can now benefit from better integration between D2D and ILLiad.

The following scenarios are addressed:

  • Requests originating in D2D
    • When a request submitted in D2D cannot be filled by any of the D2D locations in the routing list (List Exhausted) and the borrowing library utilizes ILLiad as their ILL management solution, the request can be automatically transferred to ILLiad.
    • After the request is successfully added to ILLiad, it will be marked as Complete within the D2D system and with a status of Transferred to ILLiad.
    • Before the request is added in ILLiad, the D2D system will check to ensure the associated patron exists within ILLiad and, if not, will create a new user record in ILLiad before submitting the request.
  • Requests originating in ILLiad
    • ILLiad can pass requests to an associated D2D system when configured to utilize the Relais RequestItem web service. The ILLiad transaction will be parsed with a request source of ILLiad.
    • When the request is processed as a fill or final cancelation within D2D, the D2D environment will update ILLiad as filled or unfilled automatically. 

 Note:  Customers must be on version 9 of ILLiad to take advantage of this new feature.

An ILLiad Monitor Service will run in the hosted environment at the Data Center to facilitate the transfer and updates of the requests between the two systems.

In order to configure this monitor service OCLC Relais requires the following information from each customer/library wishing to utilize this integration:

  1. ILLiad API Key (library specific)
  2. ILLiad Base URL (library specific)
  3. Include Email Address (Y/N)
    • Indicates if ILLiad Monitor Service will send the patron’s email to ILLiad when a new user (patron) is automatically created in ILLiad by the service. By default, this setting is set to Yes.
  4. Include Mailing Address (Y/N)
    • Indicates if ILLiad Monitor Service will send the patron’s mailing address when a Request is transferred from Relais to ILLiad. By default, this setting is set to No.

Please contact your support representative via Support Center + if you wish to have this option configured within your D2D environment.