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Find information about DiscoverItem in RelaisD2D.

DiscoverItem is a suite of web services and includes the following functionality:

  • Search to execute a federated search against a configured set of Z39.50 catalogs & targets and retrieve a set of de-duplicated bibliographic records. 
  • Record to retrieve a single, de-duplicated (or merged) bibliographic record, which is part of the result set of an active search.
  • Search / Facet to retrieve the facets (date, medium, author and subject) associated with the records returned from an active DiscoverItem - Search 

Results may be used in conjunction with other Relais web services, for example:

  • Requestability to determine whether a title retrieved is requestable from one or more consortium locations or available locally; 
  • AddRequest to add requests to RelaisD2D.

Two potential models for implementation

  • User-facing search and display of fulfillment options.
  • 'Offline' search and creation of a list of requestable locations.