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Why aren't my Lending Overdue Notices going out?

  • You notice that you're Lending Overdue Notices are not going out and need this fixed
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are some items to check to make sure your Overdue Notices are going to go out:

  1. Make sure you have followed the Lending Overdue Notices documentation to set up the Overdue Notices.
  2. Check to see that your LenidngOverdueNoticesActive is "Yes."
  3. The OvuerdueNoticesRuntime has to be in a correct format such as 8:00am in combination with the OverdueNoticesRunNow set to No.
  4. If the OverudeNoticesRunNow is set to Yes, then the ILLiad System Manager looks for any Overdue Notices and sends them out right away.
  5. You need to make sure your Notification Templates are in the Customization Manager under the Notification Templates tab and the Edit drop-down.  They will be:
  • Lending Overdue Reminder
  • Lending Overdue 1
  • Lending Overdue 2
  • Lending Overdue 3

 6. Check the Borrowing Library information in the Lender Address table.  You should have both the Borrowing Department Email and the Lending Department Email filled in.  If it is not, then fill it in and update the Address.  

If you updated any of the Customization Manager settings, you will need to restart the ILLiad System Manager service on the Web Server.  If you are hosted by OCLC, please contact OCLC Support.

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