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When do I need to restart an ILLiad Service?

  • You want to know when you need to restart an ILLiad Service
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here is the list of other services and what needs to be restarted:

1. ILLiad Odyssey Manager  - Anything working with the sending and receiving of electronic articles.  

2.  Connection Manager - Anything that works with the Updating OCLC or downloading requests. Restart the Connection Manager twice as part of this process.

3.  ILLiad System Manager - Anything dealing with email sending or receiving.  Also, if you made a change to a Server Addon or add a new Server Addon or any Server Addon keys in the Customization Manager.

4.  ISO ILL -  If you are using ISO ILL and requests are not sending or receiving.

5.  IIS - If you are updating your Web page interface settings, then you need to restart IIS.  If you are updating Web pages, you do not need this restarted.  If you make changes in the ILLiad WebPlatform settings, you need to restart IIS.

6. Rapid Manager - if you make a change in the ILLiad Rapid Manager service, or you are not able to send or receive information from or to Rapid.

If you encounter a 1603 Windows error during any service restarts, open the Task Manager and force quit the application. You will then start the service again in the Server Manager.

If you are hosted by OCLC, please contact OCLC Support to restart your services.

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