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When I am in WorldCat, I see many holdings, but when I go to the OCLC tab in ILLiad, I only see a couple holdings?

  • When you are searching the Worldcat Database, you see many holdings.  When you click on the OCLC tab and do a search in ILLiad, you only see a couple holdings.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

In order to fix this you have a couple options.  The first option is to Change the Type box to Any.  This is how you do this process.

  1. When you look at the Type box, it will say 1 types selected.  Click on the Drop down.
  2. You will see a checkmark beside one of the entries in the list.  You can either deselect that box, or Click on Clear.
  3. Click to the right in the open space that is not part of the box of options.   You will see the Type field change to Any.
  4. Now you can search again and you should get more entries.

The second option is to update the Customization Manager OCLCILLAutoLimitType to No:

1. Under System, and OCLC, you will find the OCLCILLAutoLimitType.  Change it to No and save the change. 

When you are in ILLiad Client, you will see the Request Type of Any.

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