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Is there a way I can restrict access to ILLiad WebCirc or WebReports by IP address?

  • You want to limit access to WebCirc or WebReports by IP address
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are the steps you take to restrict access by IP address for WebCirc or WebReports:

  1. If you are hosted by OCLC, please contact <<support>>.
  2. If you are not hosted by OCLC, open up Internet Information Services (IIS).
  3. Click once on WebCirc.
  4. In the Window to the right, click the "IP Address and Domain Restrictions"
  5. On the right side under Actions, you may now add allow or add deny entries to the table.
  6. Once you open Allow Add, you will see a window for "Add Allow Restriction Rule:
  7. You add either a specific IP address or range.
  8. Save the change.
  9. Do these steps for all the IP addresses or ranges you want to add. 
  10. When you are finished, you may close IIS.

You are finished updating the IP addresses.

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