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Is there a place where I can make edits to the Web pages so I can see what they look like before they show up in production?

  • You want to Test the changes you made and want to see what they look like before putting them on the Web Server in the ILLiad folder
Applies to
  • ILLiad

If you want to make edits to your Web Pages so you can see them before putting them in the ILLiad folder on the Web Server, you can put them in the TestWeb folder.  Here is what you can do to set this up:

  1. The TestWeb folder has the default Web Pages, but if you need to download the pages again you can get them from the ILLiad Downloads site.
  2. Do not delete the illiad.dll or the Webpath.txt file.  Make sure you delete all the html files that exist in the testweb folder.  Having different versions of the html files in the same folder can cause display issues. 
  3. You could copy over the .html files from the ILLiad folder to the TestWeb folder and then make your edits to the files in the TestWeb folder.  On a Shared site, the production folder might be in your c:\inetpub\wwwroot\illiad\NVTGC\ Directory, and your TestWeb folder would be c:\inetpub\wwwroot\illiad\NVTGC\TestWeb.  
  4. After you have made your changes, you now sign in to your TestWeb site.  That would be https://(your server name)/illiad/TestWeb/logon.html.  On your Shared site, the folder would be https://(your server name)/illiad/NVTGC/TestWeb/logon.html.
  5. If you like the changes, then you copy the HTML pages you edited from the TestWeb to the ILLiad folder.

A workaround for RemoteAuth Authentication is to use the StaffProxyWebURL:

1.  You would point that key in the Customization Manager to the TestWeb site without the logon.html.  
2.  Make sure you use the backslash at the end of the URL.  
3.  From there you can set up the ILLiad Staff Manager to give you go to your account and select it.  
4.  Then under the Module Permissions on the right and the Client access, you can click on the box for "Can Logon to Web As User?"
5.  After you set this up, open up the ILLiad Client again and go to any Borrowing request that is at the status of "Request Sent."  
6.  Go to the View User icon, which looks like a person.  
7.  Once you are in the patron account, you can click on the "Logon to Web" icon, and it should bring you to the TestWeb interface.

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