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In ILLiad, I am processing a borrowing request and the Due Date is changing to 1/1/1900

  • When processing a request in ILLiad, you notice the Due Date is changing to 1/1/1900.  You are using ILLiad Client up to
Applies to
  • ILLiad

ATLAS has found the bug and will fix it in a future point release.  Here is an explanation and what you can do for now.

  1. ATLAS developers have identified the undo shipped issue as a bug that needs to be taken care of in code.  The issue is that there is a check to see if the current lender of the request (in OCLC) is the same that was stored on the request when it was shipped and checked in in ILLiad.  Unfortunately the value in OCLC can be lower case (perhaps sometimes due to them setting themselves to Non-supplier) and the value in ILLiad is stored as upper case so the match in those cases is not occurring.  So what then happens is the Connection Manager sees that the shipped message came from OCLC symbol xyz for example, and it was expecting it from XYZ since that's what it was in ILLiad, so it puts in that Undo Shipped for xyz in a note. 
  2. ATLAS developers are going to fix this so that the matching logic code is made case-insensitive in a point release.  You can just ignore the connection manager error messages and notes, and if you want you can delete the notes when you find them.
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