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In ILLiad 9.1, I am no longer able to update my OCLC Resource Sharing settings in the ILLiad Client

  • When you click on the OCLC Resource Sharing settings in 9.1, you are taken to the OCLC Service Configuration to update your settings
Applies to
  • ILLiad

In ILLiad 9.1, you are going to see the OCLC Service Configuration when you click on the icon for the Resource Sharing settings.  The change is noted in the 9.1 Release notes in the Staff Client section.

There are two options you will see when you sign in: "Use your WorldCat Account" and "Use Your OCLC Services Account WorldShare users affiliated with an institution."

If you have a WorldShare account, then click on the second option for Use your OCLC Services Account WorldShare Users affiliated with an institution.  If you do not have a WorldShare account, you can create a WorldCat account.

If you do not have a WorldCat account, here are the steps on how to create the account from the location and assign it to your institution:

1.  Click on the "Need Help" drop-down and click on Manage WorldCat Account.
2.  On the right side, click on "Create a free account."
3.  Fill out the information and then click on "Create Account."
4.  Go back to and sign in under the "Use Your WorldCat Account."
5.  The name will be on the top right.  Click on that drop-down and then o "Authorize Institutions."
6.  You will need to put in your ILL Authorization and Password.  If you do not know it, they are located the ILLiad Customization Manager under OCLCILLAuthorization and OCLCILLPassword.
7.  Once you authorized your institution, you will see a message that you have authorized 1 Institution.
8.  Click on the "Back to Main Menu" on the top left.  

You are now set to use the OCLC Service Configuration from the ILLiad Client.

Another option is if you have your Administrator WorldShare ILL account information when you get to the sign-in page, you can also click on the "Use Your OCLC Services Account" link which is the bottom button.  Follow the links and put in your WorldShare ILL username and password.

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