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In ILLiad, how can you test if failed emails are now working after you make changes to your settings to fix the issue?

  • Your emails in ILLiad are failing and you are making changes in the Customization Manager to fix the issue.  You want to know how to test if the changes fixed the issue.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

If you have failed messages, they would show up in the System Alerts and Outgoing Notifications and they will show up in the Failed E-Mails tab.  You can test if your changes are working by following these steps:

  1. In the Failed E-Mails tab and you can Click on one of the Entries and select "Resend Notification." 
  2. The E-Mail will show up in the Pending E-Mails tab.  Keep track of the Transaction Number.
  3. Within two minutes, refresh the listing and you should not see the E-Mail in the Pending E-Mails tab.
  4. Now check the Outgoing Notifications to see if the Transaction Number shows up.
  5. Refresh the list.  If the Transaction Number shows up, you are still failing.  If the Transaction Number does not show up, then you email was successfully sent.
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