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I want to set up a redirect on my ILLiad Logon.html page so that my patrons go to our EZproxy sign-in page and then forward to ILLiad

  • You want to update the Logon.html page so it goes to your EZproxy sign-in page and then forwards your patrons to ILLiad
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here is the code you need to use as an example for the redirect:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; URL="" />
    <p>Please follow <a href="">this link</a>.</p>

A couple of notes:

  1. "Refresh" content="0; This controls how long the logon.html page will be shown for the user to read.
  2. 0 = no delay, go instantly
  3. 5 = five seconds, etc.
  4. This can be helpful if you want them to be able to read it (and maybe tell them to UPDATE THEIR BOOKMARK)
  5. Whatever you change in the URL part of the  “metta httep-equiv” line you ALSO need to change in the “Please follow” line in case the auto-redirect doesn’t work for some reason.
  6. Whatever is in the “body” section is what the end-user can see.
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