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I need to add an ID field to my Tipasa workform to submit requests because the system requires a Patron ID field to be present.

  • I am migrating from ILLiad to Tipasa, but my Workform needs an ID field to submit requests because I am getting a message about having a Patron ID field.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Add an ID field in the processing.  Do the following:

  1. Go to the WorkFormMapping table and add the "ID" field to each of the different WebFormTypes.  It should follow the pattern of the other fields.   There is more information in the OCLC Work Form Mapping documentation.
  2. Customize the ILLiad Client Workform page by right-clicking on the Workform and clicking on the Customize Layout selection. 
  3. Move the ID field to the appropriate location on the form.  It is recommended to put it under the Patron name. 
  4. Do this on each computer so it is saved on each ILLiad Client.
  5. When processing your Work Form, copy the patron name into the ID field or put a number in the ID field and then send the request.


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