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I changed the password for my patron in the patron record in ILLiad, but the password does not work

  • A patron is unable to logon to ILLiad, so you change the password in ILLiad.  Unfortunately, the patron is still unable to login.
Applies to
  • ILLiad 

When a patron logs in, ILLiad looks at the Customization Manager setting for "WebAuthType."  If the WebAuthType is not ILLiad, and you are trying to change the password in ILLiad, it might not improve your results.  For example, if you are using LDAP authentication or SAML, you would have to look at the DLL logs to see what might happen. 

There are two options available for resolution:

  1.  Create the Username in the LDAP or SAML server, and then ensure the patron knows that password.
  2.  In the ILLiad Client, check the "ILLiad Authentication" box and save the change. The password they saved in ILLiad would be used only if you are using a WebAuthType of either LDAP or ILLiad. 
  3. RemoteAuth authentication will only use the authentication method and not use ILLiad Authentication.  You will need to uncheck the ILLiad Authentication box.
Additional information

The ILLiad Authentication box overrides LDAP authentication.  So instead of getting a message that the patron account cannot "be found" in the LDAP server, ILLiad would find the patron record and then use the password they have assigned in ILLiad.

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