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I canceled my request in ILLiad, but it is not showing as canceled on OCLC

  • You are in ILLiad and you canceled a request.  When you look at the OCLC Status, it does not show canceled.
Applies to
  • ILLiad 

Here are the steps you can take to make sure the request is canceled on OCLC.

  1. Restart your ILLiad Connection Manager service on your Web Server.  Wait ten minutes.  Does the request update to Canceled?
  2. If it does not, within the request, you go to the OCLC Request Ribbon on the top and then click on the red X that is for Delete.  This will delete the request on OCLC.
  3. Go back to Borrowing Processing Ribbon and refresh the OCLC Status.  It should now show Canceled.
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