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I am setting up my printer settings in ILLiad, but every day I have to put them in again

  • You update their Printer settings and the next day, they are all gone and they have to put them in again.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Go to your Customization Manager and look up the PrintDocumentsPath key, that is where the QueryAdditions.xml file is.  If your key is going to your local drive, then please follow these instructions.

If you are using Windows 7, 64-bit, it is at c:\program files (x86)\illiad\ by default.  Any other previous version of Windows, it will be at c:\program files\illiad\ by default.  For you to access your directory correctly, you need to make sure your permissions are correct.  I have written instructions on how to do this:
With Windows 7 x 64, you need to add Permissions for the Users Group to the security settings for the ILLiad folder in the c:\program files (x86)\illiad\.  With Windows 7 x 32, you work with the c:\program files\ILLiad\ folder.

1.  First, you right-click on the ILLiad folder and choose properties.

2.  Go to the Security tab and in the top section, choose Edit so you can edit the Users group.

3   Select the Users group and below mark the full permissions.

4.  Once you click OK, then you will be back to the Main ILLiad Permissions Window.

5.  Choose Ok to get out of the window.

The issue might be that you can use the settings while you are in the ILLiad Client, but because you are unable to write to that directory, you lose the settings.  So the next day, you open up ILLiad and have to do the same procedure.  When you do what I suggested above, this process should fix that issue.


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