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I have a failed outgoing notification that needs to be cleared from ILLiad.


You see an Outgoing Notification error message.  When go go to the Notification, you cannot remove the email from ILLiad.

Applies to
  • ILLiad

On a Self-Hosted site, you will need to do the following.

  1.  Go to the Transaction and look at your History.
  2.  Go to the Email History and find the Email that his highlighted in Red.  Give the ID to your SQL Administrator.
  3. The SQL Administrator will be able to remove the Notification.  If the ID is 12, this is what the SQL Admin can do.  The Example is for a single server.

Use ILLData


Delete From EmailCopies

Where ID ='12'


If you are hosted, we will take care of the requests.  If you give us the ID, that will speed up the time it takes us to process the request.

Additional information

This is usually because a record did not have an email address in it or there was an invalid email address.  ILLiad is unable to send the request.

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