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Display Status limitations with ILLiad


I am looking at DisplayStatuses within the ILLiad Customization Manager (Web Interface/General/DisplayStatuses). I then clicked New Record and an Edit Row table came up, which is blank.

1. Is there a character limit for DisplayStatuses? I was able to input 90 characters into the WebDisplayStatus field in the "Edit Row" table, but I didn't want to save it as an actual status so I wasn't sure if it would allow me to save with up to 90 characters.

2. Is it possible to pull information from the patron table into the WebDisplayStatus field of the Edit Row table? For example, I want to bring in the Site field of the patron table to display a status of "Ready for pickup at [site]" -- is that possible? If so, can you give me instructions or point me to the documentation?

Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are the limitations for the WebDisplayStatus.

1.  The Limit to the number of characters in the WebDisplayStatus is 255 characters.

2.  The WebDisplayStatus is only Text, so you would not have a way to pull from a different table.

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