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I want to replace the logo for our Web pages in ILLiad

  • The site wants to replace logo on their web pages.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

First, I needed to find out what their current icon was using.

  1. I checked the include_Head.html include_Header.html to find any code that might be pointing to a picture file such as .jpg or .ico.
  2. I looked in the ILLiad Directory and searched for the file name. 
  3. Once I found the file name, I copied it on to my computer.
  4. I sent my reply saying I have attached their current file and the new file should have the same dimensions and have the same file name.  I would be glad to put it on the Web Server, or they could put it on the Web Server.  Either they or the person responsible for editing their Web pages can put the file on the server and replace the file that is there.  I also gave them the location of the current file.
Additional information

If they send the file, you should rename the old one to whatever name it is and add the extension .old.  So if it was Logo.ico, you change it to Logo.ico.old.  Then put the new file in its place.  You let the site know you replaced the file and they can verify if it is looking as they want it to look.

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