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How does the DaysBeforeElectronicDeliveryCleanup work?

  • A Customization Manager key determines when electronic articles are removed from the Web Server and what options you have if they are removed
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here is how the DaysBeforeElectronicDeliveryCleanup works:

  1. The DaysBeforeElectronicDeliveryCleanup is the number of days after an article is delivered to the PDF folder for your users to get their article.
  2. If you change the key value, then you will need to restart the ILLiad System Manager service.
  3. Once the days are reached, then the article is removed from the PDF folder.
  4. The only other place the file can be is on the Web Server in the c:\illiad\odyssey\receive\received folder (or the alternate drive you are using for ILLiad).
  5. If the file is not on the Web Server, you will have to request the article again for the patron. 
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