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How do I fix it so the due date does not change when sending a Renewal Request?

  • You see that the Due Date is changing when you send a Renewal Request.  You know that the patron will see the new Due Date.  You do not want the patron to be disappointed if the Lender says no to the Renewal Request.  You want the Due Date to show to the patron as being the same.  You want to know how to get the due date to show correctly to the lender, but be the same to the patron?
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here is what you can do to send the renewal and then change the Due Date for the patron.

  1. If you are doing a Staff Renewal, you click on the Renew Request. 
  2. The Due Date will change to add the number of Days you set in the BorrowingRenewalDays.
  3. Go to the main ILLiad and Click on the Borrowing Ribbon and then Click on the "Send OCLC Renewal Requests."  This will send the renewal to the lender with the Due Date you requested.
  4. Go back to the Request and change the Due Date back to the original Due Date and Save the change.
  5. When the lender responds, you will see in the notes field the new Due Date.  Update the Due Date.  If the lender denies the renewal, you go with the original Due Date.
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