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How can I set up an ILLiad billing default for institutions for varying amounts?

  • You want to set up different amounts for Billing Defaults for different institutions
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are the steps for setting up a Billing Default value and apply it to a lender:

  1. If there is an amount such as $20.00 you want to bill some lenders that is not your default amount, you need to go to the BillingDefaults table in the Customization Manager.
  2. Highlight the Lending Process Type, that has the Document Type as Article and the Category as Default.
  3. Click on the Copy Record.
  4. You then update the Default amount to 20.00 and change the Category to the new category you want to call this group such as 20 bill or $20 group.
  5. Save the change.
  6. You will update this for each of the Default Values you have in the Lending Process type for the Different Document Types and save each change.
  7. If there are other groups you want to add such as $15 group, you add those following the process from 2-6 and have the amount be set to 15.00.
  8. Once you have updated all the groups you want, you need to open up the ILLiad Client again and go to the Lender Addresses and update the ArticleBillingCategory and the LoanBillingCategory and save the change.

After you apply the new Categories to the different Lenders, then the next time you have a lending request, you will automatically see the Billing amount for that institution show up.

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