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How can I find out how a patron was created?

  • How to find out how a patron account was created
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are some clues about how a patron account was created:

  1. If there is no expiration date in the patron record, that means it was created in the ILLiad Client.  Whenever anyone is created on the Web, they have an expiration date by default.
  2. Search the Event log by clicking on the first record, and then pressing the Ctrl+F keys to find a record, then look up the username that was added. It will say, "New User Added." It is also possible to extend the period by changing the Entry in the "Show Event After" box to a new date. If the Event log shows the account only Cleared, then it was created on the Web.
  3. Check the DLL logs to if the user was created in the past day or two and see if the patron signed in on the Web. If it is a new person created, they will show up in the logs.
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