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Every time I open a request in Borrowing, I am getting a script error message appears

  • I am getting a script error message every time you open up a Borrowing request. In this example, the message is "object doesn't support property or method 'forEach.'"
Applies to
  • ILLiad

The message is coming from a script that is running. Here are some steps to figure out which Addon is causing the issue:

1. Disable all the addons and then add them back one ne at a time and open up a request.  
2. Does the error message mention which addon is causing the error? If so:

  1. Make sure this is the latest version of the addon.
  2. If you see an error message, then look for the settings and possibly try to find the error.  E.g. 'forEach' as the message. Look in the settings for those two words together, "forEach."
  3. Try asking the author about the error message.
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