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Does ILLiad have a limitation where you cannot have a password with blanks before or after the password?

  • You want to know if you can have a password with blanks before or after the password to fill in spaces you require for your passwords
Applies to
  • ILLiad

There are no limitations on the ILLiad authentication with blanks before or after the password.  Here are some examples.

  1. You could have a password that has blanks before like "  123abc" as the password.
  2. You could also have the blanks after the password like "123abc   " as the password.
  3. You can have blanks before and after the password like "    123abc " as the password.
  4. If you are using a different authentication method such as LDAP or RemoteAuth Authentication, the password restrictions are set by your system.
  5. The only other place you might have set a restriction is your Web page and if you truncated in blanks to the left or right of any characters you put in.  You will have to allow for spaces in your coding.  By default, ILLiad allows spaces in the password field when signing in.
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