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Can you explain the Borrowing Turnaround Time reports and how it works?

  • You see different tabs in the Borrowing Turnaround Time report and you need to understand why they are showing up with the numbers you see
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here is a breakdown of the different tabs in the Borrowing Turnaround Time Report:

  1. Articles are the requests that were processed without any automation.  It will have as part of the tracking "In Electronic Delivery Processing" or "Awaiting Odyssey processing" or Awaiting Post Receipt Processing.  These requests were not automatically Delivered to Web.  When they are automatically Delivered to Web, they are missing these tracking steps.
  2. Loans are Loan requests.
  3. Overall is the combination of the Articles and Loans.
  4. Overall w/Manually Processed is the combination of the Overall number and all the Articles that were automatically delivered.  

If you want the number of Articles that were automatically delivered, you would subtract the number from Overall from the Overall w/Manually Processed.  There is no report for just the Articles Automatically delivered.

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