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After upgrading to ILLiad 9.1.4, our library cannot connect to Copyright Clearance Center

  • After upgrading to ILLiad 9.1.4, our library cannot connect to Copyright Clearance Center
Applies to
  • ILLiad

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Sara Juel (Atlas Systems)

Dec 9, 2021, 12:07 PM EST

Hello Robin,

After some testing and conversations with the CCC, we've identified the source of some of the issues with the new API update. There are some additional requirements/searches performed on the API that we were not initially aware of. I'd like to check and see if any of the problems/solutions listed below will help resolve your problem. Based on your logs it may be related to the account credentials. 

Problem #1

Description: "Error communicating with CCC" error message" error message.
Solution: The CCC no longer supports anonymous searching. Institutions will need to create an account and configure the username and password in the CCCUsername and CCCPassword Cust Keys. Accounts can be created here: When selecting an account, institutions will need to create an organizational account NOT an individual.

Problem #2

Description: Errors connecting with the login.
Solution: If you created an individual account, you'll need to make a separate organizational account.

Problem #3

Description: "Error retrieving price information from CCC" error message.
Status: This error will appear if an institution didn't select a preferred currency during the account registration process. The only way to fix this issue is to have the CCC pre-populate the preferred currency on their end. If you're receiving this error message, I can reach out to the CCC and have them update your account.

Problem #4

Description: “504 - Gateway Timeout” or “500 – internal server error” error for all requests.
Status: This was a result of an AWS issue:


Atlas Dev found an issue with the CCC API that the new 9.1.4 client connects to, so they pulled it from the update server and re-released it See What does the re-release of 9.1.4 involve? for more information.

  • It won't automatically roll back clients to 9.1.3 if the update to 9.1.4 already occurred. Users can Uninstall 9.1.4 and Reinstall 9.1.3 so that they can connect to the CCC's old API for now. 
  • Uninstall the ILLiad Client 9.1.4 via the Control Panel first, and then go to your C:\Program Files (x86)\ILLiad and remove any files in there EXCEPT leave the dbc file if you have it in that folder. You can leave the subfolders in there alone too.
  • Then run the 9.1.3 client installer. You'll may then also need to download the newest Docline scripts and put them into the C:\Program Files (x86)\ILLiad\Docline folder since those usually are replaced when running the installer.

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