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When I create a new LHR using the Derive option, information that I do not want is brought over from the Bib

  • Data that I do not want is being transferred from the Bib record to the LHR when I create a new LHR, using Derive
Applies to
  • WorldShare Record Manager
  1. Search and find a Bib record or add a new record in Record Manager
  2. Under the Record menu, choose LHR, then choose Derive
  3. Delete any fields that are not wanted in the new LHR
  4. Save the LHR
Additional information

The following information will be inserted into the new LHR field. If any of the fields are not required, they can be manually deleted, before the LHR record is saved.

1. The following fields are transferred to the first LHR created for a bibliographic record:

a. OCLC control number of bib record field 001 [Non-editable]
b. ISBN – Transfer $a from all 020 fields in bib record [Non-editable]
c. ISSN – Transfer $a from all 022 fields in record [Non-editable]
d. Put field 538-856 in LH template in the following order, if present in bib record.

  • Field 538 all occurrences [Editable]
  • Field 541 all occurrences [Editable]
  • Field 561 all occurrences [Editable]
  • Field 562 all occurrences [Editable]
  • Field 583 all occurrences [Editable]
  • Field 533 all occurrences [Editable] 533 tag becomes 843 in LH record
  • Field 539 all occurrences [Editable] 539 tag becomes 843 in LH record
  • Field 540 all occurrences [Editable] 540 tag becomes 845 in LH record
  • Field 856 all occurrences [Editable]

2. $6 are stripped when present in bib record's variable fields.

3. field ordering will rely on the reformat operation

1. Record status: byte 05 set to n for New [Un-editable]
2. Type of record: byte 06 [Un-editable]
a. for serials, set byte 06 to y for Serials
b. for all other formats, set byte 06 to u for Unknown

3. Encoding level: byte 17 set to | (fill character) for Unknown value [Editable]
4. Item information in record: byte 18 set to n for no item information [Editable]

Field 007
1. Display 007 info from first 007 in bib record, if available
2. If no bib data, Category of resource 007/00 set to (value appropriate to the item). Use Material type and bib level from bib to determine.
3. Material description 007/01 set to u for Unspecified
4. Remaining bytes 03-13 set to not coded
5. All byte positions are editable

Field 008
1. Date entered on file bytes 00-05 set to current date yymmdd [Un-editable]
2. Receipt or acquisition byte 06 set to 0(zero) for unknown [Editable]
3. Method of acquisition byte 07 set to u for unknown [Editable]
4. General retention policy byte 12 set to 8 for permanently [Editable]
5. Specific policy type byte 13 set to blank for no specific retention policy [Editable]
6. Specific policy units byte 14 set to blank for no specific retention policy [Editable]
7. Specific policy unit type byte 15 set to blank for no specific retention policy [Editable]
8. Completeness byte 16 set to 0 (zero) for Other [Editable]
9. Number of copies reported byte 17-19 set to 001 [Editable]
10. Lending policy byte 20 set to u for unknown [Editable]
11. Reproduction policy byte 21 set to u for unknown [Editable]
12. Language bytes 22-24 pull 008/35-37 from bib record [Editable]
13. Separate copy byte 25 set to 0(zero) [Un-editable]
14. Date of report bytes 26-31 set to current date yymmdd [Un-editable]

Fields 852, 853, 863, 866
1. Field 852, use institution symbol and default holdings library code for the institution logged in [Editable]
2. Field 853 set default values: indicators: 33 ; variable field: $8 1 $a $b $i $j $w m $y [Editable]
3. Field 863 set default values: indicators: blank blank ; variable field: $8 1.1 $a $b $i $j $w [Editable]
4. Field 866 set default values: indicators: blank 1 ; variable field: $8 and $a

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