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How do I move more than 9,000 LHRs to another branch or shelving location using a Record Work List?

Applies to

WorldShare Record Manager


If you have a large number (25,0000+) of LHRs you wish to change the shelving location or branch of, you can still use the  Record Work Lists in Record Manager

Following this process allows you to change 9,000 items at a time, updating their permanent shelving location (852 $c) and /or branch (852 $b) in the LHRs. You would just need to run the process several times to capture and change all your LHRs .

When you save items to a Record Work List you can only save 9,000 at a time, so these are the steps on how you would work & move more than 9,000 items, using this process. 


  1. Conduct your search in Record Manager. Using the following:

    Data type: Local Holding Records
    Scope: My LHRs
    Index: Branch/shelving Location
    Branch: xxxx [select required]
    Shelving: xxxx  [select required] 

  2. Select  Send to Record Work List > Select  All Records eg. 26,452  > then 9,000 of these will be sent to a Record Work List  by selecting the list you have already created  OR  > Create the Work List and select  Create and Send to List 

  3. Open  Record Work Lists in Record Manager  > LHR tab  > Select  All targeted LHRs >  Select  Edit Action  > Select Base Script  from the drop-down list

  4. Select Script Name > Update Permanent Shelf Loc  > Check Branch name is correct >  Select the required  New Permanent Shelving Location from the drop-down list > Action > Edit > All Target records .
  5. All these (9,000) items in your Record Work List will now have been changed to the new shelving location.
  6. Select all the Target Records in the Record Work List > by selecting the Top-box to select all targeted records.
  7. Selected Action button above > Remove from Record Work List > Selected Target Records.
  8. This removes all the records you have just changed from the Record Work List, ready for you to add a new set of 9,000 items to this Work List.
  9. Go back and re-run your search in Record Manager  > to locate the next 9,000 items to change [repeating the steps 1-8  to move 9,000 items at a time] to the Record Work List > running the Base Script to change their Shelving Location on each set of items.
  10. You would just need to repeat the process 3 times to [move up to 27,000 items] change all you're items to the new shelving location. 
  11. Based on experience the script with 9,000 items in it runs in 1-5 mins.
  12. We would recommend doing this change out of hours to reduce the impact on users.
  13. When you have completed this SL you can then start on the next two smaller SL you wanted to change.
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