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WorldShare Record Manager release notes, April 2020


Release Date: April 25, 2020


This release of Record Manager provides two new features in addition to one bug fix and one known issue. These features will help you manage more complex workflows, including:

  • Ability to move Local Bibliographic Data (LBD) from one bibliographic record to another. Previously, LBD records could not be moved in this way, but would need to be deleted from one bibliographic record and recreated on another.  You can also now move LBD with any LHRs that you might choose to move, in a single Move action. This new functionality is designed to greatly improve your efficiency when moving local data from one record to another. 
  • New bulk edit functionality to create and save script packages by bundling customized scripts together to be performed with a single Edit action, in the order you specify. Previously, users would be required to run multiple scripts on the same record work list, if multiple scripts were required to complete an Edit action.
  • Bug fix:
    • Server communication failed error message dialog when adding Local Holdings Records (LHRs) to a Record Work List
  • Known issue:
    • Find and Select Bibliographic Record dialog out of view when using the Move to Different Bibliographic Record action from Local Holdings Records search results

These enhancements are the direct result of your feedback.

New features and enhancements

Move Local Bibliographic Data

You can now move Local Bibliographic Data record(s) from one bibliographic record to another, either alone or in conjunction with an LHR move.

When you are viewing the LBD accordion within a bibliographic record, you will now see a Move button on each LBD record, as well as a Move All (XX) button for moving all LBD records, when all LBD records should be moved:


Additionally, if you are performing a Move LHR action, you will see an option to move LBD with the LHR move:


Script Packages

You can now bundle your customized scripts together to form script packages, which will allow you to run multiple scripts on a record work list with a single Edit action, in the order you specify.  Script packages can be given a unique name and saved for re-use, which will bring additional efficiencies to your bulk edit workflows.  Previously, scripts would be run individually, one at a time, until all desired edits were completed.

In the Toolbox, you will now see a new tab for Script Packages:


To create a script package, click New Script Package. Give your new script package a unique name, and optionally supply a description and labels.  Then find and select the customized scripts you want to be bundled together.  Use the arrows in the Customized Script table to arrange the scripts in the order in which you want them applied.  You can add up to five customized scripts to a script package, and your institution can have up to 250 script packages.


To apply a script package to a record work list, simply select Script Package from the Edit Action drop down menu, and proceed as you would for any other bulk edit action:


After selecting Script Package, you can select the package you wish to use, much the same way that you currently select a customized script, by either entering the script name or clicking on Find and Select Script:


Record Work List enhancement

Previously, when viewing validation errors resulting from Preview in the Record Work List, there was no efficient way to return to the MARC editor in order to correct the errors.  Based on feedback from our Bulk Edit pilot participants, we have provided a link back to the MARC editor from the View/Preview screen.  This allows you to quickly resolve the errors in order to finish the edit work at hand.


Bug fixes

Server communication failed error message dialog when adding LHRs to a Record Work List

If a large number of LHRs were added to the Record Work List by barcode a server communication failed error message appeared. This issue has been resolved and the server communication failed error message will not appear when adding large numbers of LHRs to the Record Work List by barcode.

Known issues

Find and Select Bibliographic Record dialog out of view when using the Move to Different Bibliographic Record action from Local Holdings Records search results

When you use the Move to Different Bibliographic Record action from the Local Holdings Records search results, select the Find and Select Record option, and search for a bibliographic record the dialog box might appear out of your view in the browser window and you will need to scroll up on the page to find it.

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