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WorldShare Record Manager release notes, October 2020


Release Date: October 31, 2020


This release of WorldShare Record Manager provides two enhancements in addition to numerous bug fixes. This release includes:

  • The call number browse under Local Holdings Records searching has been updated to provide the title information when there are multiple LHRs associated with the same bibliographic record. Previously, the title did not appear when there were more than three LHRs associated with the same bibliographic record. 
  • System generated Local Bibliographic Data 935 and 940 fields will no longer be added to your new LBD records and will not display in existing LBD records. Prior to this release the system generated fields displayed in your LBD records with data that was already listed in other fields in the LBD record. 
  • Bug fixes:
    • 852 field indicators in LHRs were not applied when using the Preview Constant Data page.
    • 852 subfields in LHRs were displayed in incorrect order after constant data was applied.
    • When LHRs were deleted, a confirmation message was missing.
    • Data was disappearing from bibliographic records when editing. 
    • Bibliographic records were displayed incorrectly when Derive Electronic Record under Advanced Actions was selected.
    • When navigating to a new tab, data entered in authority records could disappear.
    • Controlled fields in a bibliographic record become uncontrolled when saving the record is missing
    • 642 fields return error messages in newly derived authority records.

Many of these enhancements are the direct result of your feedback.

New features and enhancements

Call number browse update 

When using the Local Holdings Records > Call Number browse and retrieving results for a call number that has multiple LHRs, if the associated bibliographic record is the same for all of the LHRs, the title and call number will now appear in the Bibliographic Information column. Previously, the title and call number would only appear in the Bibliographic Information column when the number of LHRs was less than three. 

System generated Local Bibliographic Data 935 and 940 fields no longer display

When adding LBD in Record Manager, a 935 and 940 were automatically generated in the LBD record which duplicated data found in other fields in the LBD record. These fields were system generated and did not appear outside of Record Manager. Following this release, the 935 and 940 LBD fields will no longer display in existing LBD records and will not appear when adding new LBD records. 

Bug fixes

852 field indicators in Local Holdings Records are not applied when using the Preview Constant Data page 

When you are on the Preview Constant Data page and attempt to apply constant data, the indicator values for the 852 field in the LHR constant data record were not applying to the record being edited. Now, you will see the indicators when applying constant data to your LHRs.

Incorrect order of 852 subfields in Local Holdings Records after constant data is applied 

If an LHR constant data record was applied to an LHR using the Apply and Preview option with subfields selected to be preserved, the subfields in the 852 field may have been listed out of order displaying the preserved subfields before other subfields. This issue has been resolved and subfields will appear in the 852 field in the correct order.   

Missing Local Holdings Records delete confirmation message 

When deleting LHRs the delete confirmation message was missing for some users. The delete confirmation message now appears as expected when deletes are attempted for LHRs. 

Data disappearing from bibliographic record when editing  

There were examples of data disappearing from bibliographic record fields when editing and navigating to a different field in the record by using the cursor or arrow keys. Data entered in a bibliographic record will no longer disappear when clicking out of the field or using arrow keys while editing.  

Incorrect display when using Derive Electronic Record under Advanced Actions  

When the Derive Electronic Record option is used under Advanced Actions, the records were displayed across the page instead of across two tabs. This has been corrected and will now display as two tabs. 

Data added to authority records disappearing when navigating to a new tab   

If you navigated to a new tab while updating an authority record, data entered in the authority record might disappear. Data will no longer disappear when editing records and moving between tabs.

Controlled fields in a bibliographic record become uncontrolled when saving the record   

If the 040 $b contained an extra space, controlled fields in the bibliographic record were uncontrolled when the record was saved. The trailing spaces have been removed and will no longer impact controlled fields in a bibliographic record.

642 fields return error messages in newly derived authority records

If a 642 field only had content in the subfield $5 and no subfield $a, the field was retained and validation returned an error message for the missing subfield $a when deriving an authority record. 642 fields are now removed from the template if they only have content in subfield $5 and do not contain subfield $a.

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