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WorldShare Record Manager release notes, February 2019

Release Date: February 17, 2019


This release of WorldShare Record Manager provides new features and enhancements in addition to bug fixes. These features will help you manage more complex workflows, including:

  • Integration of Canadian subject headings into the Canadiana authority file
  • Support of French Boolean operators
  • Enhanced edit capabilities for labels
  • A new label type for non-standard labels
  • Ability to delete a library's own bibliographic record
  • Interoperability between WMS applications
  • Additional preferences
  • New Shared Print filter for LHR result lists

Many of these enhancements are the direct result of your feedback.

New features and enhancements

Canadian subject headings added to the Canadiana authority file

Canadian subject headings in English (subjects as well as geographic names) have been added to the Canadiana authority file.

New roles for Canadian subject headings

In order to be authorized to create, edit, or delete Canadian subject heading records, you need to have the following new roles:


For more information about the roles, see Record Manager account roles.

Searching/Browsing Canadian subject headings

Two new search and browse indexes for subject headings have been added to the index drop-down list:

  • Linking Entry: Topical Term
  • Topical

New Canadian subject heading indexes

The result list shows records with 150 (subjects) or 151 tag (geographic name subjects):

New Canadian subject heading index result list

Working with Canadiana subject headings

Canadiana subject records are in English (040 $b eng) and the Control Number 001 is prefixed with cash*:

Candiana subject record

All workflows available for Canadiana names are also applicable to Canadiana subject records.

It is noteworthy that validation makes sure that see-also links as well as equivalency links are only possible between corresponding record types.

Example: You cannot link a Canadiana subject as a see-also link to a Canadiana names record; an error message will show up if you try.

Canadiana subject error message

Support of French Boolean operators

The Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) are now also available in French (ET, OU, SAUF) and can be used in expert search queries

French Boolean operators

Enhancement for label printing

Enhanced edit capabilities: Blank Line is now Blank Line/Free Text

The content type that was formerly called “Blank Line” has been renamed to “Blank Line/Free Text”. If new content has to be added to a label you can just use this content type and thereby add extra space on the label.

Blank Line/Free Text option

Enhanced edit capabilities: Pagination available in label print list

If multiple labels need to be edited, you can now scroll forwards/backwards in the list rather than returning to the label list to select the next label.

 Note: Changes for labels need to be saved, one by one, by clicking the Save button.

Pagination in label print list

Enhanced edit capabilities: Copy number (852 $t) added to the call number in label print list

If a call number contains a copy number in the $t subfield, it shows up in the label print list (wasn’t displayed previously). To print the copy number from the 852 $t on the label, the copy number content type needs to be listed in the Label Setup table as specified under Preferences > Working with Labels.

Copy number (852 $t) added to the call number in label print list

New label type: Other

A new label type, Other, has been added to the label format list in the label preferences. This allows you to configure customer-specific, non-standard labels if none of the predefined label types can be used. 

When choosing this new label type more page and label settings (e.g., orientation, columns, rows, label size, etc.) are configurable compared to standard labels.

Go to Label Preferences, create a new label type, choose Other from the label format list, and add the settings appropriate to this label type.

Other label type

Labels Preferences: Warning if preferences have changed

Changing a label preference while your label list already contains labels for this label type results in a message saying that if the changes are saved all updates made to individual labels of this type will be lost. 

Choose Update to confirm or Cancel.

Update Labels in Print List confirmation dialog

Ability to delete a library's own bibliographic records

Libraries can delete their own bibliographic records if the following conditions are true:

  • The bibliographic record:
    • Was created by the same institution (check 040 $c)
    • Is not held by your own or other institutions
    • Has no local holdings records from own or other institution linked to it
    • Has no local bibliographic data records from own or other institutions linked to it
  • The user deleting the bibliographic record has the Cataloging Full role

Delete own bibliographic record

If the above conditions are true, the Delete option under the Record menu is available.

Delete option active

Clicking Delete will prompt you with a dialog. Click Delete if you really want to delete the record or Cancel to exit the dialog.

Delete the Bibliographic Record confirmation dialog

Interoperability between WMS applications

In order to make it easier to move between WMS applications, a couple of new linking mechanisms have been implemented. They allow you to move more easily between applications and views.

Link to View/Edit Metadata in full record details page

A new link, View/Edit Metadata, has been added to the Details pages in Acquisitions and Circulation. It allows you to go directly to the full bibliographic record under Metadata (e.g., if you see a typo that needs to be fixed or want to add tags to the existing record). 

The link is available on the Details page under the Actions menu. Previously, this link was only available on the search result page.

View/Edit Metadata option

Link to the MARC 21 LHR editor

When working with local holdings records in text-view mode, you see only a limited number of fields. In the case you need to make changes to the LHR that cannot be made in text-view mode (e.g., because fields are not on the screen), you can now click the View/Edit in MARC 21 button and be taken directly to the MARC 21 view of the LHR.

Link to MARC 21 editor

Make your edits in the MARC21 LHR editor and save the LHR.

 Note: If you’ve already made changes to the LHR, you cannot change the view to MARC21. Save your changes or cancel before you click View/Edit in MARC 21 again.

Link to text-view LHR editor

Users who are not comfortable working with local holdings records in the MARC 21 editor can go to the text-view mode of the LHR by clicking the Change Display to Text View option under the Record menu.

Change Display to Text View option

When you’re working on a bibliographic record and you want to create new LHRs in text-view mode, open the LHR option under the Record menu and choose Open Text View. You’re then taken to the text-view mode and can create new LHRs.

LHR Open Text View option

Also when viewing the LHR table below the MARC bib record, you can directly go to the text-view mode for editing LHRs by clicking the View/Edit in Text View link.

View/Edit in Text View option

Update to Record Manager preferences

New preference for enabling/disabling Shared Print and Lending Policy information on LHR result lists

A new preference for enabling or disabling the Shared Print and/or Lending Policy columns on local holdings records result lists allows you to customize your LHR result lists in your preferences under Searching - Basic. 

Go to the LHR tab and set these preferences as needed (e.g. disable them if your library does not participate in either the Shared Print program or in Interlibrary Loan).

Enable/disable Shared Print and Lending Policy information in LHR results

New preference for enabling/disabling Shared Print and Lending Policy information on record display

A new preference for enabling or disabling the Shared Print and/or Lending Policy columns in the LHR list under the bibliographic record and in the headers of both the bibliographic and the local holdings records is available in your preferences under Working with Records.

Go to the LHR tab and set these preferences as needed (e.g. disable them if your library does not participate in either the Shared Print program or in Interlibrary Loan).

Enable/disable Shared Print and Lending Policy information on record display

New Discard Page Changes button in preferences

A new Discard Page Changes button under Preferences allows you to discard changes that you made in your preferences but don’t want to save. 

Example: You made changes to your list of indexes, notice that these are not correct and want to undo them. If you click Reset, the system would go back to the system default.

By clicking the Discard Page Changes button, you can discard the changes you made and go back to your previous settings.

Discard Page Changes button

After clicking Discard Page Changes, you'll be prompted with a dialog.

Discard Page Changes confirmation dialog

Click Discard to undo your changes or Cancel to exit the dialog.

New Shared Print filter on LHR result lists

A new filter for Shared Print has been added to the list of possible filters on LHR result lists. It only appears if the preference for Shared Print in the LHR tab under Searching – Basic (see above) is enabled. Options are Yes or No.

Shared Print filter on LHR result list

Bug fixes

Label edits are sent to the print list

A bug around sending edited labels to the print list was fixed in December 2018. In addition to this, another issue with edited labels not being printed correctly after changing a preference was corrected.

Label previews are more accurate

Due to different browser behavior, the previews on the label edit screen and the label print list didn’t always exactly match the PDF print preview. This has been improved.

Re-indexing of local holdings records (private/public notes)

LHRs have been re-indexed to include all appropriate tags and subfields in the private and public notes indexes.

Searching LHRs by Location index

The LHR location and shelving location index returned incorrect results if the location contained some special characters such as accents or umlauts. This has been corrected.

When creating/deriving a bibliographic record, two duplicate records are created

Creating or deriving a bibliographic record does not result in duplicate records anymore.

Clicking WorldCat Holding no longer returns an error message

In some cases (esp. when working from EMEA), clicking the “xxx libraries hold this item” link on result lists returned error messages. This problem has been fixed.

WorldCat Holdings screen

Important links

Post release sessions

To help you become familiar with the new features, enhancements, and improvements included in this release, there is an update session scheduled. Please note the session time zones when registering. The sessions will be recorded and archived for future viewing on the OCLC Community Center. Please register, even if you are unable to attend, to receive a link to the recorded session.

WorldShare Management Services release update session

Date: Monday, February 18, 2019, 10:00 am, Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00)

Registration: Use this link to register for the Webinar session.

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Visit AskQC for information about upcoming office hours, previous office hour recordings, and supporting materials.

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