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WorldShare Record Manager release notes, December 2017

Release Date: December 9, 2017


This release of WorldShare Record Manager provides new features and enhancements, in addition to bug fixes. These features include:

  • Authority file indexes for browsing
  • Centralized access to search preferences
  • New search preferences for diacritics
  • Preferences for exporting Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs)
  • Targeted searches for Local Bibliographic Data (LBD)
  • Improved LBD indexes

Many of these enhancements are the direct result of your feedback.

New features and enhancements

Browse Indexes for Authority Files

You can now opt to browse each authority file that is available in Record Manager.

Browse indexes for authority files

Centralized Search Preferences

Search preferences have now been centralized. You can access these preferences via the left navigation panel.

Customized search preferences

Within these centralized search preferences, you now have tabs that can be expanded or collapsed as needed. The tabs are:

  • Searching – Advanced
    Allows you to set search preferences for searching bibliographic records
  • Searching – Basic
    Allows you to set preferences for the four different data types:
    • Authority Records
    • Bibliographic Records
    • Local Bibliographic Data Records
    • Local Holdings Records
  • Working with Records
    Allows you to set a preference for the editor in which you wish to view records.

New Search Preferences for Diacritics

You can now search indexes using diacritics when you select that option in Search Preferences.

Search preferences for diacritics

Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) for Export

You can now configure preferences to receive Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) when exporting records from Record Manager. From within the bibliographic record, click the gear icon to access these export preferences.

URI export preferences

When a controlled heading is available in the record, and a single $0 can be output for that controlled heading, a URI will be output at the end of the field:

650  \0$aSoybean.$0

This feature will be expanded to support more authority files, and will be available in more OCLC products, including the Metadata API, in the future.

Local Bibliographic Data (LBD) Indexing

You can now limit the scope of your search to Local Bibliographic Data (LBD) records. The indexes are:

  • Keyword (LBD)
  • Local System Number (LBD)
  • Name (LBD)
  • Note (LBD)
  • OCLC Number (WorldCat record)
  • Subject (LBD)

LBD indexing

Local Bibliographic Data (LBD) Search Results

Your search results list includes columns for Local Bibliographic Data Information and WorldCat Record Information.

  • The Local Bibliographic Data Information column includes the control number for the LBD record in the OCLC database and the Local System Number. You can click on the control number link to receive a read-only view of the LBD record.
  • The WorldCat Record Information column displays the bibliographic information for the associated LBD. Click on the title link in this column to open the WorldCat record and edit your associated LBDs.

LBD search results

Bug fixes

Holding Library Codes Selection in the Local Holdings Records (LHR) Editor

You can now select from a list of holding library codes for your institution when working within the LHR Editor.

List of holding library codes

Local Holdings Records (LHR) Automated Summarization

You can now opt to build an automated summary and receive a summary from the Summary Service.

Local Holdings Records panel

Automated summary preview

My Group Holdings Scope Selection

Circulation and Acquisitions users who are “Group Aware” can now use the My Group Holdings Scope selection when performing a simple search.

My Group Holdings

Known issues

URI Export for LCNAF 655 Field

When a record is exported with a controlled heading and a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) is expected to be output based upon the field content and Preference selections, the URI will not be output if it is a 655 field with a second indicator of 7 and a subfield 2.

Important links

Post release sessions

To help you become familiar with the new features, enhancements and improvements included in this release, plan to attend an update session. The session will be recorded and archived for future viewing on the OCLC Community Center. Please register even if you are unable to attend, so you will receive a link to the recorded session. Be sure to double check the session time zone when registering.

WorldShare Record Manager product release overview

Host: Sara Newell

Date: Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Time: 2:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00)

Registration: Use this link to register for the Webinar session.

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