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Delete an LHR

 Note: You can enter up to 100 barcodes; however, you need to leave a space between each barcode entry. The system interprets this space as the Boolean OR between each barcode.

  1. From the Scope drop-down list, select My LHRs.
  2. From the Index drop-down list, select Barcode.
  3. In the Term(s) text field, enter the barcode(s)
  4. Click Search.
  5. (Optional). From the Filter by Branch drop-down list, select a branch. The results are updated to reflect only items from the selected branch.
  6. Select one or more LHRs for which you want to change the shelving location.
  7. Click Delete. The Delete Selected Barcodes from the LHR dialog opens.
  8. Click Delete. The LHR is removed from the WorldCat bibliographic record.
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