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Select starting position for a label print job

Using this procedure, you can specify what position on the label sheet you want your print job to start. This feature is useful if you have printed a small number of labels previously and want to use this partial sheet of labels. For example, if you have used the first three (3) labels on the sheet and want to use this partial sheet to print additional labels, then you would select a Starting Label Position of four (4) the next time you print a set of labels. When printed, no labels would print in the area where the first three label spots are located. The labels would only print from the fourth position and proceed numerically to the following label positions. The maximum Starting Label Position is 40 because this is the last label that appears on the page. The position of the labels corresponds to numbered positions on the layout grid.

  1. In the left navigation, click Export and Label Print Lists.
  2. From the Label Print List tab, review the grid of labels to determine the position where you want your print job to start.
  3. From the Staring Position form field, select a value (0-40).