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Label preferences


The changes that you make for labels affect the appearance of all labels in your print job

From the Preferences panel in the Creating Labels accordion, you can adjust the settings to:

  • Select the label format used
  • Make fine adjustments to margins on the top and left sides
  • Select the name and size of the font used
  • Customize the pre-label or post-label automatic stamps

For the automatic stamps, by default the system uses the 852 $k information for the pre-label (appears above the call number) and the 852 $m information for the post-label (appears below the call number).

For Font Name and Font Size, OCLC currently supplies one option Font Name (Courier New) and Font Size (12). Additional options will be available in the future.

Set preferences for label format

 Note: After setting label format preferences, click Reset Form to restore original default settings.

Creating Labels accordion - Image
Creating Labels accordion
  1. In the left navigation, click Preferences.
  2. From the Preferences panel, click Creating Labels.
  3. For Label Format, select a label format.
    • SP1 (default)
    • L7651
    • A12360
  4. For Print Offset Margin, enter values for the Top and Left margins.
    • You can enter a 3-digit value from -1 to 1 in values of 1/100ths (e.g., -.20, .01, .50, or .29).
  5. For Automatic Stamps, you can:
    • Select a Place Stamp.
      • Above Call Number - To customize the pre-label
      • Below Call Number - To customize the post-label
    • Enter your preferred text (up to eight characters) in the Line 1 and Line 2 text fields.
  6. Click Save.


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