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Edit a spine label

 Note: Edits made to the spine label do not effect the information in the record.

  1. Navigate to Export and Label Print Lists > Label Print List.
  2. From the Label Print List tab, hover over the label you want to edit in the table and click Edit.
    Select a label to edit - Image
    Select a label to edit
  3. From the Label Editor, use the Edit Label table to edit the label format and content as needed. As you make changes, they will automatically appear in the Preview Label area.
    Label Editor - Image
    Label Editor screen
  4. (Optional) Click the add button (Add button) to add an additional formatting rule or content or click the remove button (Remove button) to remove a formatting rule or content.
     Note: If you add more blank lines then are on the label (according to its size), some lines will move into the non-printable area.
  5. (Optional) Click Reset to clear out all fields and restore default settings in the label.
  6. Click Save.
    • Click Back to List. The Unsaved Changes to Label dialog opens.
    • From the Unsaved Changes to Label dialog, click Save.