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OCLC Support

Insert a diacritic

The diacritic library allows you to insert diacritics and special characters into bibliographic and local bibliographic data records without having to install RLIN21 keyboards.

  1. From the Text View editor, select the field where you want to insert the diacritic.
  2. Place the cursor at the position where you want to insert the diacritic, right-click, then select Insert Diacritic from the Field submenu. The Insert Diacritic window opens.
     Note: If text is highlighted in the field, it will be replaced by the inserted diacritic.
  3. Select the diacritic you want to insert from the Insert Diacritic window.
     Note: If you hover over a diacritic character, a tooltip appears with the Unicode code and name for the diacritic.
  4. (Optional). To limit, select a type of diacritic from the Filter By drop-down list:
    • Category - Select a category from the Category Name drop-down list.
    • Diacritic Name* - Select or enter a diacritic name from the Diacritic Name drop-down list.
    • Language* - Select or enter a language from the Language Name drop-down list.
    • Transliteration Language* - Select or enter a transliteration language from the Transliteration Language drop-down list. Filtering by transliteration language helps you find the characters you need for transliterating from a specific non-Latin script into a Latin script.
    • Unicode Number* - Select or enter a Unicode number from the Unicode Number drop-down list.
      *These filters contain an auto-suggest text field. Auto-suggestions for filter-appropriate elements start with the first keystroke in the text field.
  5. Click Close.