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MeSH indexes and indexed fields

About authority file indexing

  • How you specify the desired index varies with the search method you use. When searching from the basic search box, you must type the index label followed by a colon (:).
  • For searching, the fields below are indexed by individual word.

MeSH numeric indexes

Index (label) MARC Fields Indexed
Control number (ar:) 001

MeSH text indexes

Index (label) MARC Fields Indexed MARC Subfields Indexed (Keyword Search)
Geographic (ge:) 151, 451, 551 a x
Keyword (kw:) All variable fields   
LC Corporate or Conference Names (cn: or co:[1] see LC Corporate or Conference Names (cn: or co:)  
LC Personal Names (pn:[1] see LC Personal Names (pn:)  
LC Titles (ti:[1] see LC Titles (ti:)  
Notes (nt:) 663, 664 a b t
665, 666, 667, 675, 688 a
670, 678 a b u
680, 681, 682 a i
Publication Type (gn:) 155, 455, 555 a
Subdivision (sb:) 180, 480, 580 x
Topicals (su:) 150, 450, 550 a x
Table Note [1] In Record Manager, the MeSH index drop-down menu includes the Library of Congress authority files for Personal Names, Corporate/Conference Names, and Titles. They are included as points of access without having to leave the MeSH search. MeSH indexes do not cross-reference LC records.