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Māori indexes and indexed fields

Find the numeric and text indexes available, including fields and subfields indexed, in the Māori Subject Headings file.

About authority file indexing

  • How you specify the desired index varies with the search method you use. When searching from the basic search box, you must type the index label followed by a colon (:).
  • For searching, the fields below are indexed by individual word.

Māori numeric indexes

Index (label) MARC fields indexed
Control Number (ar:) 001

Māori text indexes

Index (label) MARC fields indexed MARC subfields indexed (keyword search)
Cataloging Source (cs:) 040 a c d
Keyword (wkw:) All variable fields  All subfields
Notes (wnt:) 663 a b t 6 8
664 a b t
665, 666, 667, 675, 688 a
670, 678 a b u
677 au
680, 681, 682 a i
Subject (wsu:) 150, 450, 550 a b g v x y z
Subject Phrase (wsu=) 150, 450, 550 a b g v x y z