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Knowledge base data update 186, June 2018

Many of these have already been announced via the News area of the Collection Manager Community Center (password required) in the JIT weekly updates, but are gathered here for a more complete look.

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New providers

•    **Provider: Aarya Publishing House (aarya)

•    **Provider: Ab Imperio (abimperio)

•    **Provider: A Consortium of American Refereed Publications (unipub)

•    **Provider: Advances in Civil and Environmental Engineering (jacee)

•    **Provider: Alphanumeric Journal (alphanum)

•    **Provider: American Book Review (ambkreview)

•    **Provider: American Catholic Historical Society (amchs)

•    **Provider: Anbar University (anbar)

•    **Provider: Atualidades Ornitológicas (aobr)

•    **Provider: ARNACA (arnica)

•    **Provider: ARP - Associação Profissional de Conservadores-Restauradores de Portugal (arppt)

•    **Provider: Asia Minor Studies (asiaminor)

•    **Provider: Asian Journal of Agriculture and Biology (ajab)

•    **Provider: Asian Journal of Chemical Science (aocsr)

•    **Provider: Asian Online Journals (ajouronline)

•    **Provider: Asociación Argentina de Anatomía Clínica (AAAC) (aaaclinica)

•    **Provider: Asociación Internacional de Galdosistas (galdo)

•    **Provider: Asociación Peruana de Helmintología e Invertebrados Afines (aphia)

•    **Provider: Association for Insurance Law of Servia (srbija)

•    **Provider: Atatürk Üniversitesi (atauni)

•    **Provider: Ausasia Science and Technology Press (aastp)

•    **Provider: Bangladesh Fisheries Information Share Home (bdfish)

•    **Provider: BioExcel Publishing Limited (bioexcel)

•    **Provider: B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad, India (bjhines)

•    **Provider: BKL Walawalkar Rural Medical College & Hospital (bklwala)

•    **Provider: Bogor Agricultural University (bogor)

•    **Provider: Borderless Science Publishing (borderless)

•    **Provider: Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, Ukraine (kubg)

•    **Provider: Bridges Association (bridges)

•    **Provider: Bulletin of the Comediantes (comediantes)

•    **Provider: Canadian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences (cjbas)

•    **Provider: Center for Literary Publishing (cipub)

•    **Provider: Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA (cmrs)

•    **Provider: Central University of Kashmir (qucosa)

•    **Provider: Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica Celso Suckow da Fonseca (cefetrj)

•    **Provider:  Cervantes Society of America (cervantes)

•    **Provider: Chandannagar Medical Research Association (chandannagar)

•    **Provider: Chinese University Press (chinupress)

•    **Provider: Chulalongkorn University, Thailand (chula)

•    **Provider: Coldnoon (coldnoon)

•    **Provider: Commonwealth of Learning (colorg)

•    **Provider: Community Literacy Journal (comnit)

•    **Provider: Consortium Publisher (consortium)

•    **Provider: Council on Undergraduate Research (cures)

•    **Provider: Crest Journals (crest)

•    **Provider: Cyber Times (cybertimes)

•    **Provider: Czas Kultury (kultury)

•    **Provider: Dams Publications (dams)

•    **Provider: Dance Research Foundation, Inc. (danceres)

•    **Provider: Dedicated Juncture Research’s Association (dedjun)

•    **Provider: Delhi Technological University (dtuac)

•    **Provider: Directory of Open-Access Journals (doaj)

•    **Provider: Edwiser International (edwiser)

•    **Provider: Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine (egyptj)

•    **Provider: Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Center (jssidoi)

•    **Provider: Eurasian Publications (eurasianpub)

•    **Provider: European Science and Research Institute (esri)

•    *Provider: Exact Editions (exact)

Exact Editions African Magazine Collection
Exact Editions African Magazine Collection FR
Exact Editions All Titles
Exact Editions Art Design Magazine Collection
Exact Editions Carcanet Collection 
Exact Editions Dunedin Academic Press
Exact Editions Introducing Graphic Guides
Exact Editions Literature Magazine Collection
Exact Editions Music Magazine Collection
Exact Editions Museums Etc Collection
Exact Editions Politics Magazine Collection 
Exact Editions Schools Magazine Collection  

•    **Provider: Fairleigh Dickinson University (fairleigh)

•    **Provider: Foundation for Promotion of Basic and Applied Science (fopras)

•    **Provider: Gavin Publishers (gavin)

•    **Provider: Global Academy of Training and Research Enterprise (gatr)

•    **Provider: Greener Journals (greener)

•    **Provider: GRENZE Scientific Society (grenze)

•    **Provider: Grupo de Estudios en Seguridad Internacional (seguridad)

•    **Provider: Hill Publishing (hillpub)

•    **Provider: Hospital Provincial Clínico Quirúrgico Universitario “Arnaldo Milián Castro”, Cuba (arnaldo)

•    **Provider: IAHRW Publications Private Limited (iahrw)

•    **Provider: IEREK – International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange (ierek)

•    **Provider: Informatics Publishing Limited (ischolar)

•    **Provider: Intermedcentral (intermed)

•    **Provider: Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (pertant)

•    **Provider: Institut Teknologi Harapan Bangsa (ithb)

•    **Provider: Institute for Environmental Nanotechnology (nanoient)

•    **Provider: Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Pakistan (iobm)

•    **Provider: International Academy of Business and Economcis (IABE) (iabe)

•    **Provider: International Journal for Scientific Research and Development (ijsrd)

•    **Provider: International Journal Advanced Information Science and Technology (ijaist)

•    **Provider: International Journal of Advanced and Innovative Research (ijair)

•    **Provider: International Journal of Cognitive Research in Science, Engineering and Education (ijcrsee)

•    **Provider: International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering (ijcee)

•    **Provider: International Journal of Computer and Information Technologies (ijocit)

•    **Provider: International Journal of Computer Networks and Communications Security (ijcncs)

•    **Provider: International Journal of Economics, Commerce & Management (ijecm)

•    **Provider: International Journal of Engineering and Technology Research (ijeatr)

•    **Provider: International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences (ijels)

•    **Provider: International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies (ijims)

•    **Provider: International Journal of Life Sciences (ijlsci)

•    **Provider: International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Business Management (ijpsbm)

•    **Provider: International Journal of Rehabilitation Sciences (ijrsorg)

•    **Provider: International Journal of Research and Engineering (ijreorg)

•    **Provider: International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications (ijsrp)

•    **Provider: International Policy Digest (ipdigest)

•    **Provider: International Research Journal of Science & Engineering (irjse)

•    **Provider: International Research Operation of Sciences and Social Sciences (IROSSS) (irosss)

•    **Provider: ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute (iseas)

•    **Provider: JCSR Online (jcsr)

•    **Provider: Journal of Global Research in Mathematical Archives (jgrma)

•    **Provider: Journal of Management, Engineering and Information Technology (jmeit)

•    **Provider: J-Technologies India Pvt Ltd. (jtechin)

•    **Provider: Lyceum of the Philippines University, Batangas Campus (batangas)

•    **Provider: Mednifico Publishers (mednifico)

•    **Provider: National Institute of Health Research and Development - HIHRD (depkes)

•    **Provider: National Maize Research Program, Nepal Agricultural Research Council (nmrp)

•    **Provider: National Professional & Academicians Academy (npaa)

•    **Provider: Nepalese Prosthodontic Society (nepalps)

•    **Provider: Nesibe Aydin Educational Institutions (nesibe)

•    **Provider: Net Journals (netjournals)

•    **Provider: Open Science Journal (osjournal)

•    **Provider: PHS Scientific House (phs)

•    **Provider: Post Academic Publications (PAP) (papub)

•    **Provider: Postgraduate Journal of Medical Research (pjmr)

•    **Provider: Praize Worthy Prize (praise)

•    **Provider: Pro Pharma Communications International (propharm)

•    **Provider: Publishing House Science and Innovation Center, Russia (scinnov)

•    **Provider: Rosebud Inc. (rosebud)

•    **Provider: Qucosa Journals (qucosa)

•    **Provider: Scholars World (scholarsworld)

•    **Provider: Science and Education a New Dimension (seanewdim)

•    **Provider: Science Research Publications (irjms)

•    **Provider: Scientific Research Center of Quantum Medicine “Vidhuk”, Ukraine (vidhuk)

•    **Provider: Scientific Viewers (sciview)

•    **Provider: Școala Națională de Studii Politice și Administrative (snspa)

•    **Provider: Shanti Braj Educational & Welfare Society (shanti)

•    **Provider: Sociedad Iberoamericana de Información Científica (SIIC) (siic)

•    **Provider: Society for Renaissance & Baroque Hispanic Poetry (caliope)

•    **Provider: Socrates Journal (socrates)

•    **Provider: Southern Association for College Student Affairs (sacsa)

•    **Provider: Space Research and Technologies Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (srtibas)

•    **Provider: Spanish Society for Ibero-American Communication Studies (seeci)

•    **Provider: Sphinx Knowledge House (sphinx)

•    **Provider: S.S. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, India (ssims)

•    **Provider: State University of New York Press (suny)

•    **Provider: Sultan Qaboos University, Oman (qaboos)

•    **Provider: Sumy State University (sumdu)

•    **Provider: Suryansh Publications (surynash)

•    **Provider: Sustenere Publishing Co. (sustenere)

•    **Provider: Tejass Publisheers (tejass)

•    **Provider: Texas Tech University Press (ttup)

•    **Provider: The Association of Polish Geomorphologists (sgpol)

•    **Provider: The Critical Institute (critical)

•    **Provider: The International Asian Research Journal (tiarj)

•    **Provider: The International Society of Intelligent Unmanned Systems (isiusys)

•    **Provider: The Microbes (themicrobes)

•    **Provider: The National Bureau of Asian Research (nbt)

•    **Provider: The Online Journal of Counselling and Education (tojce)

•    **Provider: The Pneuma Foundation (pneuma)

•    **Provider: Thomas A. Lyson Center for Civic Agriculture and Food Systems (lysoncenter)

•    **Provider: Tirant Editorial (tirant)

•    **Provider: Traverso (traverso)

•    **Provider: Tripal Publishing House (tripal)

•    **Provider: Tropical Gastro (tropgastro)

•    **Provider: Turkish Journal of Marketing (tujom)

•    **Provider: Ufa State Aviation Technical University (ugatu)

•    **Provider: Universal Scientific Organization (aeuso)

•    **Provider: Universidad de Alcalá (alcala)

•    **Provider: Universidad de Los Hemisferios, Ecuador (hemisferios)

•    **Provider: Universidad Icesi (icesi)

•    **Provider: Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal (unfv)

•    **Provider: Universidade Católica Portuguesa (ucppt)

•    **Provider: Università degli Studi di Catania (unict)

•    **Provider: Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatera Utara, Indonesia (unisu)

•    **Provider: Université Kasdi Merbah, Ouargla (ouargla)

•    **Provider: Université Mouloud Mammeri, Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria (ummto)

•    **Provider: University of Arizona (uarizona)

•    **Provider: University of Bagdad (bagdad)

•    **Provider: University of East Sarajevo (uesrs)

•    **Provider: University of Northern Colorado (unco)

•    **Provider: University of Pitesti, Romania (upitro)

•    **Provider: University of Plovdiv Paisii Hilendarski (uniplovdiv)

•    **Provider: University of Sarajevo (unsa)

•    **Provider: University of Trento, Italy (trento)

•    **Provider: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (uwmedu)

•    **Provider: Upstream Research International Journal (upstream)

•    **Provider: Wellness Institute (wemlt)

•    **Provider: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego (wnus)

•    **Provider: Zygoscient International (zygoscient)

New collections

•    Provider: American Academy of Pediatrics (aap)

AAP eBooks: 2017 Collection 

•    Provider: Bloomsbury Publishing (bloom)

Bloomsbury Anthropology 2018
Bloomsbury Biblical Studies 2018
Bloomsbury C.H. Beck ∙ Hart ∙ Nomos 2018
Bloomsbury Classical Studies and Archaeology 2018
Bloomsbury Education 2018
Bloomsbury Film and Media Studies 2018
Bloomsbury Hart Publishing 2018
Bloomsbury History 2018
Bloomsbury Linguistics 2018
Bloomsbury Literary Studies 2018
Bloomsbury Philosophy 2018
Bloomsbury Religious Studies 2018
Bloomsbury Theology 2018

•    Provider: Edward Elgar Publishing (elgar)

*** Elgar Open Access Books

•    Provider: Emerald Insight (emerald)

Emerald Engineering, Computing & Technology eJournal Portfolio
*** Emerald Open Access 2018 Journals
Emerald Standalone Books

•    Provider: Gale Group (galegroup)

Making of Modern Law: American Civil Liberties Union Papers, 1912-1990

•    Provider: JSTOR (jstor)

*** JSTOR Open Access Journals

•    Provider: Knowledge Unlatched (knu)

*** KU Select 2017: Backlist Collection 
*** KU Select 2017: Frontlist Collection 
*** KU Select 2017: Journal Collection

•    Provider: Ovid (Ovid)

LWW Doody’s 2017 Essential Bridge Collection – Purchase
LWW Doody’s 2018 Essential Bridge Collection - Purchase 

•    Provider: PLI Practising Law Institute (pli)

PLI All Journals

•    Provider: (preselect)

content-select Alber Anthropologie 2018
content-select Alber Grundfragen der Philosophie 2018
content-select Alber Interkulturelle Philosophie 2018
content-select Alber Phänomenologie 2018
content-select Alber Philosophie des 19./20. Jahrhunderts (2018)
content-select Alber Philosophie interdisziplinär 2018
content-select Alber Philosophiegeschichte 2018
content-select Beltz Erziehungswissenschaft 2018
content-select Beltz Erziehungswissenschaft Basis-Paket
content-select Beltz Hochschuldidaktik
content-select Beltz Pädagogik 2018
content-select Beltz Psychologie 2018
content-select Beltz Soziale Arbeit 2018
content-select Beltz Soziale Arbeit Basis-Paket
content-select Beltz Soziologie 2018
content-select Beltz Soziologie Basis-Paket
content-select Beltz Training/Coaching/Beratung 2018
content-select Beltz Training/Coaching/Beratung Basis-Paket
content-select Campus Business 2018
content-select Campus Geschichte 2018
content-select Campus Sozialwissenschaften 2018
content-select Haufe Buchführung/Bilanz/Steuern 2018
content-select Haufe Kostenrechnung & Controlling 2018
content-select Haufe Marketing/Vertrieb/Handel 2018
content-select Haufe Personalmanagement/Führung/Karriere 2018
content-select Haufe Unternehmensführung/Organisation/Management 2018
content-select hep Frühjahrsnovitäten 2018
content-select hep Frühjahrsnovitäten D/AT 2018
content-select Herder Biblische Theologie 2018
content-select Herder Frühpädagogik 2018
content-select Herder Historische Theologie 2018
content-select Herder Praktische Theologie 2018
content-select Herder Psychologie
content-select Herder Quaestiones disputatae 2018
content-select Herder Systematische Theologie
content-select Junfermann Coaching I: Grundlagen
content-select Junfermann Coaching II: Praxis
content-select Junfermann Fachbuch I: Therapeutische Skills
content-select Junfermann Fachbuch II: Trauma
content-select Junfermann Fachbuch III: Psychotherapie
content-select Junfermann Kommunikation I: NLP
content-select Junfermann Kommunikation II: GFK
content-select Junfermann Ratgeber I: Lebenshilfe
content-select Junfermann Ratgeber II: Störungen
content-select Junfermann Schule & Erziehung
content-select Junfermann Soft Skills
content-select Klett-Cotta Fachbuch Psychologie 2017/2018
content-select Klostermann Philosophie 2018
content-select Klostermann Rechtsgeschichte 2018
content-select Klostermann Sprach- & Literaturwissenschaft 2018
content-select Kohlhammer Exegese, Religionspädagogik und Religionswissenschaft 2018
content-select Kohlhammer Geschichte, Kultur- und Politikwissenschaften 2018
content-select Kohlhammer Krankenhaus 2018
content-select Kohlhammer Medizin 2018
content-select Kohlhammer Pädagogik 2018
content-select Kohlhammer Pflege 2018
content-select Kohlhammer Praktische Theologie und Diakoniewissenschaft 2018
content-select Kohlhammer Psychologie 2018
content-select Kohlhammer Recht 2018
content-select Kohlhammer Systematische Theologie, Religionsphilosophie und Ethik 208:
content-select Kohlhammer Verwaltung 2018
content-select Kohlhammer Wirtschaftswissenschaften 2018
content-select Lambertus Migration & Besondere Lebenslagen 2018
content-select Lambertus Pädagogik, Kinder- & Jugendhilfe 2018
content-select Lambertus Studium, Praxis & Recht der Sozialen Arbeit 2018
content-select Linde Internationales Steuerrecht 2018
content-select Linde Novitäten 2018
content-select logos BWL
content-select logos Didaktik 2018
content-select logos Didaktik der Naturwissenschaften 2016-18
content-select logos Didaktik der Naturwissenschaften
content-select logos Management
content-select logos Mathematik
content-select logos Politik 2015-2018
content-select logos Politik Backlist
content-select logos Psychologie 2018
content-select logos Recht 2018
content-select logos Soziologie/Soziale Arbeit 2018
content-select logos Technik 2018
content-select logos Wirtschaft 2015 - 2018
content-select logos Wirtschaft Allgemein
content-select MWV Anästhesie/Intensiv-/Notfall-/Schmerzmedizin 2018
content-select MWV Krankenhaus/Versorgungsmanagement 2018
content-select MWV Psychiatrie/Psychotherapie 2018
content-select oekom Bildung & Kommunikation 2018
content-select oekom Energie & Ressourcen 2018
content-select oekom Konsum & Ernährung 2018
content-select oekom Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften 2018
content-select oekom Politik & Gesellschaft 2018
content-select oekom Umwelt- & Nachhaltigkeitsforschung 2018
content-select PMC ÖPNV
content-select PMC Logistik
content-select PMC Maritim
content-select PMC Rail
content-select Psychiatrie Verlag Novitäten 2018
content-select Schäffer-Poeschel Allgemeine BWL 2018
content-select Schäffer-Poeschel Allgemeine BWL
content-select Schäffer-Poeschel Buchführung / Bilanz / Steuern 2018
content-select Schäffer-Poeschel Buchführung / Bilanz / Steuern
content-select Schäffer-Poeschel Investition & Finanzierung 2018
content-select Schäffer-Poeschel Investition & Finanzierung
content-select Schäffer-Poeschel Kostenrechnung & Controlling 2018
content-select Schäffer-Poeschel Kostenrechnung & Controlling
content-select Schäffer-Poeschel Marketing/Vertrieb/Handel
content-select Schäffer-Poeschel Personalmanagement/ Führung/ Karriere 2018
content-select Schäffer-Poeschel Personalmanagement/ Führung/ Karriere
content-select Schäffer-Poeschel Unternehmensführung/ Organisation /Management 2018
content-select Schäffer-Poeschel Unternehmensführung/ Organisation /Management
content-select Schäffer-Poeschel VWL
content-select Schattauer (Klett) Psychotherapie 2018
content-select Schlütersche Pflegeplanung & Management 2018
content-select Schlütersche Pflegepraxis 2018
content-select Schlütersche Veterinärmedizin 2018
content-select scholars Film & Fernsehen 2018_1
content-select scholars Germanistik 2018_1
content-select scholars Geschichte 2018_1
content-select scholars Journalistik 2018_1
content-select scholars Kunst/Kultur/Musik/Theater 2018_1
content-select scholars Literaturwissenschaft/Anglistik 2018_2
content-select scholars Literaturwissenschaft/Anglistik 2018_1
content-select scholars Medien & Kommunikation 2018_1
content-select scholars Medizin und Pflege 2018_1
content-select scholars Pädagogik (allg.) 2018_1
content-select scholars Pädagogik/Berufs- und Wirtschaftspädagogik 2018_1
content-select scholars Pädagogik/Erwachsenenbildung 2018_1
content-select scholars Pädagogik/Kindergarten & Vorschule 2018_1
content-select scholars Pädagogik/Politische Bildung 2018_1
content-select scholars Philosophie 2018_1
content-select scholars Politikwissenschaft 2018_1
content-select scholars Psychologische Beratung & Coaching 2018_1
content-select scholars Psychotherapie 2018_1
content-select scholars Recht 2018_1 / Österreichisches Recht
content-select scholars Recht 2018_1
content-select scholars Religion/Theologie 2018_1
content-select scholars Romanistik/Hispanistik 2018_1
content-select scholars Schulpädagogik 2018_1
content-select scholars Sonderpädagogik 2018_1
content-select scholars Soziale Arbeit 2018_1
content-select scholars Soziologie 2018_1
content-select scholars Sprachwissenschaft/Anglistik 2018_1
content-select scholars Wirtschaft 2018_1
content-select Suhrkamp Kultur- & Sozialwissenschaften (07/2017 bis 06/2018)
content-select Suhrkamp Philosophie (07/2017 bis 06/2018)
content-select Suhrkamp Werkausgabe Marcuse
content-select transcript Architektur & Design 2018
content-select transcript Ethnologie und Kulturanthropologie 2018
content-select transcript Geographie 2018
content-select transcript Geschichtswissenschaft 2018
content-select transcript Kulturwissenschaft 2018
content-select transcript Kunst- & Bildwissenschaft 2018
content-select transcript Literaturwissenschaft 2018
content-select transcript Medienwissenschaft 2018
content-select transcript Museumswissenschaft & Kulturmanagement 2018
content-select transcript Musikwissenschaft 2018
content-select transcript Pädagogik 2018
content-select transcript Philosophie 2018
content-select transcript Politikwissenschaft 2018
content-select transcript Religions- & Islamwissenschaft 2018
content-select transcript Soziologie 2018
content-select transcript Theater- & Tanzwissenschaft 2018
content-select Ulmer Forstwirtschaft 2018
content-select Ulmer Garten- und Landschaftsbau 2018
content-select Ulmer Garten und Pflanzen 2018
content-select Ulmer Heilpflanzen und Gesundheit 2018
content-select Ulmer Hobby und Freizeit 2018
content-select Ulmer Hobbytierhaltung 2018
content-select Ulmer Hundehaltung 2018
content-select Ulmer Kochen und Backen 2018
content-select Ulmer Landwirtschaft und Tierhaltung 2018
content-select Ulmer Weinbau 2018
content-select VDE Elektrotechnik 2018
content-select VDE Gebäude 2018
content-select VDE Kälte- und Klimatechnik 2018
content-select VDE Normenkommentar (VDE-Schriftenreihe) 2018
content-select Vogel Technik 2018
content-select Walhalla Öffentliche Hand
content-select Walhalla Beamtenrecht 2018
content-select Walhalla Berufeinstieg & Karriere
content-select Walhalla Bundeswehr 2018
content-select Walhalla Business Recht
content-select Walhalla Business Skills
content-select Walhalla Gesundheit
content-select Walhalla Hilfe im Alltag
content-select Walhalla Soziale Arbeit 2018
content-select Walhalla Sozialmanagement
content-select Waxmann Bildungsmanagement 2018
content-select Waxmann Didaktik, Schule & Unterricht 2018
content-select Waxmann Empirische Erziehungswissenschaft 2018
content-select Waxmann Erwachsenenbildung 2018
content-select Waxmann Europäische Ethnologie 2018
content-select Waxmann Geschichte 2018
content-select Waxmann Lehrerbildung 2018
content-select Waxmann Linguistik 2018
content-select Waxmann Musik 2018
content-select Waxmann Psychologie 2018
content-select Waxmann Religion & Religionspädagogik 2018
content-select Waxmann Sozialpädagogik & Pädagogik der frühen Kindheit 2018
content-select Waxmann Soziologie 2018
content-select WBG Alte Geschichte 2018
content-select WBG Erziehungswissenschaft 2018
content-select WBG Germanistik 2018
content-select WBG Klassische Philologie 2018
content-select WBG Neuere Geschichte 2018
content-select WBG Philosophie 2018
content-select WBG Theologie 2018
content-select WBG Zeitgeschichte 2018
content-select Wichmann Geoinformatik/Geodäsie/Photogrammetrie 2018

•    Provider: SpringerLink (springerlink)

Springer Nature CERES Consortium Collection 2018
Springer Nature MCLS Complete eBooks 
Springer Nature MCLS Legacy eBooks
Springer Nature PASCAL Consortium Collection 2018
Springer Nature Saudi Digital Library Consortium Collection 2018

New cooperatively contributed collections

•    ABC-CLIO Databases (global.648.43) – contributed by Stetson University
•    *** ACRL Open Access (global.1284.158) – contributed by University of Maryland Libraries
•    *** AMBS HathiTrust Biblical Studies Collection (global.987.24) – contributed by Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary
•    *** AMBS HathiTrust Mennonite History Collection (global.987.25) – contributed by Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary
•    *** AMBS Internet Archive Mennonite Books Collection (global.987.27) – contributed by Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary
•    *** Archaeology Data Service Journal Series (global.5644.594) – contributed by University of the West Library
•    ATLA Theological libraries Ebook Lending Project (TLELP) (glbal.59274.109) – contributed by Private Academic Library Network of Indiana
•    *** Center for Hellenic Studies Publications (global.1284.160) – contributed by University of Maryland Libraries
•    CEPR Discussion papers 2018 (global.60691.211) – contributed by Erasmus University Library
•    *** DTL OA Finnish Literature Society (SKS Open Access Publications) (global.215387.149) – contributed by Digital Theological Library
•    *** Human Rights Watch (HRW) (global.1284.124) – contributed by 
•    *** International Development Research Centre (IDRC) (global.5644.596) – contributed by University of the West Library
•    *** Naval Postgraduate School Open Access theses and papers (global.930.52) – contributed by Nicholson Library
•    Springer Palgrave Religion MTLA Custom (global.1537.15) – contributed by Luther Seminary Library

*   indicates a new provider 
** indicates a new openly.jsCate provider. In all cases, collection names are equivalent to provider names listed. 
*** indicates that the collection contains only open access content as defined by the provider. 


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