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Why are my Cataloging Partner records being imported twice into Alma?

  • You receive records from a Cataloging Partner collection, and those records are being imported twice or more into Alma on a regular basis. Our Alma records are being overwritten with each import.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

WorldCat Cataloging Partner (WCP) files are always posted to /xfer/metacoll/out/ongoing/wcp directory, and they are retained in that directory for 90 days. After seven days, they are zipped, but remain in the same folder. For example, a file of records posted on 1/1 would be named something like metacoll.OCWMS.wcp.D20170612.T141740.1.mrc. After seven days, the file is zipped, and the filename then becomes

Check your import profile in Alma, and if needed, edit the profile to look for files of the form .mrc$ instead of .mrc. If this is changed, Alma should only pull files that end with .mrc, excluding older files that end with

If you are still seeing duplicate records imported after reviewing your settings, contact OCLC Support with an example of a record that was duplicated, the filename that includes the record, your OCLC Symbol, and the Cataloging Partner collection ID.

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