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Why am I not receiving all the MARC records from a collection?

  • Collections are returning less MARC records than titles present in the collection
  • Items not showing as being Held By: your library, but are still surfacing vendor links, such as View eBook, Full Text, etc.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

This is most likely caused by the electronic item lacking an OCN in the collection you have chosen. Without this, a MARC record will not be pulled for it and it will not be marked as being Held By: your library. To resolve this:

  1. You can add an OCN to the title's metadata in the collection. This can only be done if the collection is marked as Customizable, or was Locally Created. You will need to ensure the correct OCN is chosen by searching for an item that most closely matches the other metadata present, such as an ISBN or ISSN, in either Record Manager, Connexion, or
  2. You can click into the title of the record in the collection. You will see the record metadata such as title, ISBN, OCN, and coverage.
  3. The Override OCN field is the field you will want to paste the OCN into.
  4. Save the record at the top.
Additional information

If the collection is Non-Customizable, or you cannot find an OCN that best matches the titles metadata, please email OCLC Support with the name of the title and the collection it is currently in.

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