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When offered a new subscription from a Vendor, how do I know the collection will be available in Collection Manager?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager 

When considering to change a subscription with a vendor to either a newer subscription or a different one, do the following before subscribing : 

  1. Search Collection Manager for the collection you are considering subscribing or changing to. SeeSearch for collections in Collection Manager.
  2. Alternatively, ensure the collection and provider are in the global WorldCat knowledge base & make sure the one your are considering, is listed.
  3. Ask the vendor if they currently send a KBART file to OCLC for this specific collection. 
  4. Only collections that providers/vendors have sent KBART files to OCLC for, will be available in Collection Manager once loaded. 
  5. If they have not yet sent this KBART file to OCLC - ask when are they planning to do so, to make their subscription fully assessable to OCLC customers? 
  6. If the collection or database does not yet exist in our central Index, you can request it be added by contacting  OCLC Support.
  7. You will then know, if there are plans for this to be added or if its already been scheduled to be added & when. 
  8. Which will ultimately help you in your decision, with which subscriptions to subscribe to from Vendors, at this time.
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