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For merged records, when do I get an update record and when do I get new and delete records?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

 There are two different processes for handling merged records, one for KB titles and one for WorldCat updates.

  • If a KB record is merged with an OCN that is not currently selected in the user’s knowledge base, for example if OCN1 is selected in the knowledge base, but OCN2 is not, and then OCN1 gets merged into OCN2, a delete record will be delivered for OCN1, and a new record will be delivered for OCN2.
  • When WorldCat records are merged, the user will automatically receive an update record.  In this case, OCN1 (the merged record) is merged to OCN2 (OCN2 is the retained record) and OCN2 is delivered as an update with 019 and 035 tags that contain the merged record, OCN1 OCLC control number.  All holdings from OCN1 are automatically moved onto OCN2 via the merge process.   

This means that if the library is receiving update records with the old OCN in 019 and 035, then those records are being delivered due to WorldCat Update record merges. If they receive a new and a delete record, it is because a KB data update changed the OCN to a new preferred OCN that was previously unselected.  

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